Wednesday, June 9, 2010

two of the cutest kids ever!

Gwen and Grif...two of the cutest kids ever. My girl Lisa had these two cuties almost 2 years ago. They were 2 months early and have grown into the two cutest toddlers ever! They joined us Saturday for our walk and were little angels.Gwen
Gwen. Gwennie. Gwenivere. I call her all of the above and I think I am the only living soul able to do so. Looks just like mommy!Oh those baby blues...
Grif. Grif-man. The Grifster. The boy. I tell her this all the time, but I really think he knows Auntie Becks is a boy momma. He comes to me. I am drawn to him. He really does love me. Looks just like daddy!
Thanks for sharing your cuties with me Lisa!

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