Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Birthday

Easter Sunday just happened to be my birthday. My boys and family spoiled me too! Mom made an awesome meal and topped it off with homemade lemon meringue pie. My favorite! She even used Grandma Braulicks recipe. The weather was  gorgeous and my boys were all willing to participate in a little photo shoot for me. I enlisted Shelby in taking the family picture and she did a great job!
We had spent Saturday at the shack with the Olson side of the family. We dyed our eggs and ate an Easter meal. Uncles Bart and Cyrus were up for the weekend too and taught the boys the new 2048 game on the iPhone! We are all addicted now! We were able to cut and stack fire wood for the fall deer season. We even got to check on a cow and she had a calf on Saturday. The boys were pretty impressed that daddy and papa could get them in the barn! The new calf was just another sign that spring is really here!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Tooth Grinder

Evidently he grinds his teeth at night. So back to the dentist we went. We did find the tooth under his pillow (ironic I know) and were able to get it in water right away. That kept the tooth hydrated and Dr. Herzig was able to glue it back in place. We start over with soft foods for the month and just try to let that nerve relax again. Every trauma to the tooth hypes up the nerve all over again. We are then at the risk of the main tooth dying. He was more scared this time around. He does realize how serious this all is. But he is the strongest boy I know! So proud of him.