Saturday, March 3, 2012

We were blessed to have Kim join us for this wedding. Rich and Kim are two great friends who witnessed for us. Along with Rachel and Shawn. Every 10 years we plan to recommit to each other and celebrate somewhere new. Even with this time around being with Elvis, when you take your life partners hands in your own and say those special words, it does something to you and your relationship. As funny as this experience was, we both got a bit choked up. We don't take time for date night as often as we should and when we do, we do it big! We take our frustrations with life out on our easiest target...our spouse. But we really are each others best friends, our life partners, our therapists and the other half to complete ourselves. We've known since the moment we met, we had something special. It's hard work and we knew it 15 years ago when we met and 10 years ago when we married each other. It'll be hard work 50 years from now and we both know that. Those bumps in the road are what make it exciting!