Thursday, January 28, 2010

dedicated or goofy in the head?

My sister Tammy and I have been so dedicated to skiing in the mornings. We meet each other just before 6 am on the trail complete with headlamps strapped on. We both admit that we do better at getting out of bed when we know that the other is waiting for us. Well last Monday when we got dumped on, it was 30 degrees outside and we thought we would check and see if our trail survived the ice and snow. This is what we found when we went out that morning.

We could not believe that the snow could weigh down tree branches that much. They covered the trail and we could not get through unless we whacked the trees back to life. We would refer to our ski poles as our magic wands that would awake our sleeping trees. It was absolutely gorgeous out that morning and worth the trip out. We completed one lap on our trail in the time it usually takes us to do three! We felt pretty good about our work on the trail. Little did we know that the next afternoon when the groomer came to the trail that we actually saved the ski trail by getting the trees up out of the way! I talked to the groomer and he actually had to cut trees down to clear the trail wide enough to make a pass. We were a little biased when we cleared the trail and only stuck to one side of the trail where we normally ski classical. The middle and far side where the skate skiers go is non-functioning right now unless we get a ton of more snow. Karma.

We have a blast skiing together and don't whine every time the snow falls. I find myself smiling when I go out from work and see the new fresh snow...

Emmitt Jon

the last 2 years in review....sigh

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the invite...

The invites have been sent. Can't believe that my Emmitt is turning two in just 17 short days. He is ready but I am not sure mommy and daddy are.

Monday, January 25, 2010

the day with no naps...

The day of the Gizzard run we also had a birthday party. Parker and Emmitt's 3rd cousin and bud turned 4. It was a Spongebob party with everything ended at Bronco Hill with lots of kids going down the hill having tons of fun. I could barely walk at this point, but I think it helped to keep moving my legs. There were 7 kids total and we had enough sleds for all of them and the had a blast going up and down the hill for the afternoon. The party was from 1:30-3:30 and I never would have guessed that both boys, especially Emmitt, would make it without a nap.
I tend to be the mom that sticks with routine so much that I am fearful of changing it up. I have gotten much better about it now that Emmitt is nearing two. This past holiday season we just planned ahead of time to have their schedules messed up. Funny thing is, once you accept it, it isn't so bad. I believe that if you go at it with the right attitude it'll turn out fine. This was one of those days that it worked!Garret...the big 4 year old now! I know I've said before how strange the story is of us meeting this family but I'll say it again. Jon (Garret's dad) is my 2nd cousin. His Grandpa and my Grandma were brother and sister. Jon and I had never met...until they moved to Int'l Falls and moved 2 houses away from us! He actually went to college with my girl Davina and boy David! They have 3 kids: Jake is 6, Garret is 4 and baby Gracie. All of us are so close in age it is bordering unbelievable!
Parker soon ditched the sledding hill to play in the snow fort built by the arena. He found one of the little boys he was in skating with and just played for an hour on a pile of snow. There were tunnels to crawl in and big piles to climb on.
Emmitt must have dragged that sled or tube up the hill 25 times. Jon was waiting at the top of the hill with the baby and would help Emmitt in the sled and give him a push down. He would climb up the hill, smile and say again to Jon. He was the Herb Brooks of Bronco Hill.
So the day was successful with no naps. We might just try it again soon....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gizzard Girls

We did it! Us four hot mamas ran in the 30th Annual Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard 5K.
Me, Regan, Lisa and ErinIn honor of the 30th Gizzard run and my 30th in April, I made myself a pretty stylin' t-shirt.
I came in 3rd in my age category-but I have no idea how many were in my age category (maybe only 3)! Us four girls all ran it together and pretty close together-between 28-30 minutes.

Only the BOLD Run the COLD!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

the boys...

As I sit here and type this, the boys are currently outside playing. I absolutely love our backyard. The huge fence, the rink, the hills we made for sledding and this awesome weather we are having! I can actually turn them loose together and they simply just play. Emmitt is old enough to play and Parker is old enough to stay safe. It's perfect.
We have hosted many hockey games in the backyard. On boots or skates it doesn't matter but it sure has been fun. The boys last awhile in their skates but then inevitably want their boots on. I did eventually put on my skates and after about 20 minutes my feet hurt...I retreated to my boots too! Anytime we go out to play hockey, Parker wants to be the goalie. As much as we try to deter that he keeps ending up at the end of the rink. I am a believer in "let your kids do what they want"...unless it's be a goalie!
Emmitt is a trooper outside. He might be the one who loves it the most. He follows Parker around, just copying whatever he does. Parker has figured that out pretty fast too. When it starts getting dark out the motion light comes on. I taught Parker to "trip" the light when it goes off by walking in front of it. Well he did it and then he showed Emmitt how to do it. So I look out and there are little Emmitt tracks to and from the light. By the time he would walk all the way back to playing the light would be off again and Parker would tell him to do it again!
Emmitt got on skates Christmas weekend. It was pretty fun to see him actually stay upright. He would march on the ice if we asked him to. It's like watching him learn how to walk all over again. He was so proud of himself when he actually made it to the other parent with arms open and waiting.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Gizzard Run is 30

This years Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard Run will be 30 years old. I will also be turning 30 this I have decided to run it again. A group of us girls will be running it together. I like to challenge myself and this has challenged me in the past. Along with the 4th of July Fun Run I sponsor-it's a good way to prove to myself I can do it!
I first thought-if it's too cold, I may just go for the spaghetti feed and pick up my $35 fleece pullover and watch...but I won't.

Monday, January 4, 2010

good ol' game of boot hockey

Parker had the boys over for a game of boot hockey. His boys he calls them. That would be the infamous trio of Bradyn, Max & Nate. Steph headed out to Alaska for a wedding and needed some help one day with the boys. After I made them take a nap I let them loose in the backyard with sticks and a puck. Miraculously nobody was injured.Nate, Parker and (Wild) Max. This picture says it all. Max...Max...Max. The face was priceless. He was in charge on the rink. Flying around like a wild man, diving for the puck, sliding on his knees to block a shot. He does it all.The Twins-Nate & Max. You may think they look so much alike but you show Emmitt a picture of them and ask who it is and he'll be right every.single.time.Max and Parker taking each other down and fighting for the puck.ummm...Wild Max again.and again...Bradyn, the oldest brother of the three. Responsible, funny, but willing to play with 4 year olds all the time. He takes well to Emmitt too. Even changes a diaper or two when asked.
Max of course has a sweet side too. He can sure ham it up when he needs to. He is more of a momma's boy and wasn't too sure he wanted her to be gone to Alaska.Nate-the daddy's boy. I asked him just once to get himself dressed to head outside and before I had the other 3 dressed he was already out the door, fully clothed and ready to go.
If Steph ever got her phone fixed so that she could receive pictures on it via a text message, I would have sent them that way...but she didn't (that I know of) so these are for her viewing more than anybody's.