Thursday, August 16, 2012

Her name was Gertrude

I made a bird like this when I was 6. Her name was Gertrude.  Milo actually made her for me.  But this past week the boys have been with him all week while Stephie was on a weeks vacation.  He kept having them paint part of their special project. He would not tell them what it was. But yesterday he let it slip...he said "let's go finish up painting your birds."  And Parker squealed with excitement that it was a bird.  He went from "what is this again Papa" trickery to "what kind of bird Papa!"  Once they finished painting and waiting for them to dry.  They assembled the birds.  Milo admitted that the feathers were still in a pack from when he made my bird!  Like 25 years ago!!!  Jesus...25 years ago I was 6.  SCARY!  Anyways...tonight he kept them for supper and then brought them home when he came for his weekly Thursday night visit...and in come the boys "walking" their birds.  He taught them how to walk the birds with big long strides.  It was adorable.  Emmitt was "cawing" his bird and I am not sure why...but apparently that is the sound his bird makes. I've already untangled the birds twice tonight, but currently they are hanging on a hanger from my entertainment center...and have yet to be named.  But Gertrude is already taken.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yet another Chapter

On June 6, 2012 I began my new position with the National Park Service.  It has been a big change for my personal and professional life.  In November 2 years ago, I took a position at the hospital, part-time and that was just the beginning of me working for some one else.  After 11 years, I had no idea just how much I would like working for some one else and not for myself.  Just segueing myself into the part time position at the hospital helped transition my loyal Curves members into a place that was more about self motivation to workout and not so much about their Becky time.  I quickly began to realize that Curves wasn't making it with me there daily, working the club, donating my time, and not helping out on the home front financially.  The part-time job at the hospital helped a bit to take the pressure off financially at home and I was contented.  That was until I realized that the Park Service wanted me to come work for them.  Me!  I was a bit shocked but then that emotion quickly turned to humbled flattery.  For once it felt like things were going our way and it didn't always have to be so hard.  I also realized after 11 years, to start putting myself first instead of every one else.  That is not something I took lightly or easily.  I started to "see the light" and realize that after every thing I have been through with owning my own business that all of the experience and knowledge I gained while doing so qualified me to be where I am today.  In a position with the Federal Government, with benefits and starting a retirement.  With normal 8-4:30 hours and a lunch break that I force myself to take away from my desk. I finally began to see just how blessed I am.  As I began to settle into my new normal at work and at home the other part of my life started giving out.  Curves.  It has been on a downhill slide since I took the position at the Park.  Some say it's because it's summer, some say it's the economy, some say it's me not being there...but what ever the reason is...I am fighting a losing battle.  I have taken action to begin closing the club.  Closing an 11 year chapter on my life that has brought me so many friends and experiences I cannot begin to describe.  It is truly one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make.  I have been through so many different emotions that it was hard to make sense of them all.  Feeling like a failure that I couldn't make it work, feeling hurt that people gave up on supporting me, feeling angry that the economy still sucks and it doesn't seem to be getting any better, feeling sure gut wrenching sickness at the money that is lost, feeling simply lost at which way to turn.  It is less than easy to close a club, sooner than your agreement with the corporate company.  I have agreed to comply with all of the rules to make the transition as easy as possible.  The date of the club closing will be August 31, 2012.  It gives every one involved 30 days.  One last month.  It seems so final, yet somehow feels right.  It has been so hard to fight this up hill battle that I am truly exhausted and have no more fight left to give.  What many of my members are wondering is what happens next?  Well the answer lies with in you.  What I need is to make it to the end of the month. It hardly seems fair to draft you a full month worth of dues if I cannot provide a place for you to workout.  I can provide a place for you to workout through August 31st.  But that truly only applies to the people who pay their dues on the first of the month.  For those of you who pay on the 5th, you would only get 26 days out of your full months membership.  For those of you who pay on the 12th, that much less. The same follows for those who pay on the 20th and 27th.  I still have to pay all the bills through August, including rent, utilities, payroll and franchise fees.  I cannot do that without the income from your dues.  It is a lot to ask and I will not soil my name in the mean time.  If you truly do not want to pay your dues in August, I will not make you.  If you can...I thank you once again for supporting me.  If you pay your dues and you are a wellness member who gets a reimbursement, you will qualify for that rebate just like always.  Please understand that I want to do right by you who helped me all these years.  I do not want to cause any ill feelings. Know that if you paid in full for the year, you will get the amount owed to you back.  It may take me some time, but I will make it right.  Most of all, please use the club through out the whole month of August.  Use your workouts to continue to help you physically and to see those girls on the circuit who have been next to you all these years.  Reminisce and continue to be there with each other and the staff.  My staff!  What would I do with out you?!  We have transitioned through so many phases lately that it feels surreal that we won't all be connected by this place anymore.  But we will forever be connected by this place at the same time.  I thank you all for your continued support, encouragment and friendship.  With out you I would not be me.  Many of you have watched me grow from a 21 year old newly wed, into a mom and wife...but most of all I have watched you all become my friends who feel like family.  I cherish the memories made with all of you and will never forget what you have given me.

Mount Rushmore

It is pretty cool that you can kiss a President!After the week of training that I had, the girls made sure to take me up to Mount Rushmore.  We drove that beautiful drive and were able to head into Rushmore.  HOLY MOTORCYCLES!  This is the Thursday before Rally week at Sturgis and WOW are there a ton of them.  Of course it was so fun to people watch!!!

Crazy Horse...

 Mount Rushmore..again crappy camera = crappy pictures...but it was still so cool to see.  We must start planning and saving our pennies to take the kids soon.  Even as young as they are, they would appreciate pulling the camper across a few states and staying at KOA campgrounds and seeing all the sites...
This momma forgot how hard it is traveling without her family and got a bit will be nice to get home to all my boys.