Thursday, August 16, 2012

Her name was Gertrude

I made a bird like this when I was 6. Her name was Gertrude.  Milo actually made her for me.  But this past week the boys have been with him all week while Stephie was on a weeks vacation.  He kept having them paint part of their special project. He would not tell them what it was. But yesterday he let it slip...he said "let's go finish up painting your birds."  And Parker squealed with excitement that it was a bird.  He went from "what is this again Papa" trickery to "what kind of bird Papa!"  Once they finished painting and waiting for them to dry.  They assembled the birds.  Milo admitted that the feathers were still in a pack from when he made my bird!  Like 25 years ago!!!  Jesus...25 years ago I was 6.  SCARY!  Anyways...tonight he kept them for supper and then brought them home when he came for his weekly Thursday night visit...and in come the boys "walking" their birds.  He taught them how to walk the birds with big long strides.  It was adorable.  Emmitt was "cawing" his bird and I am not sure why...but apparently that is the sound his bird makes. I've already untangled the birds twice tonight, but currently they are hanging on a hanger from my entertainment center...and have yet to be named.  But Gertrude is already taken.

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