Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mount Rushmore

It is pretty cool that you can kiss a President!After the week of training that I had, the girls made sure to take me up to Mount Rushmore.  We drove that beautiful drive and were able to head into Rushmore.  HOLY MOTORCYCLES!  This is the Thursday before Rally week at Sturgis and WOW are there a ton of them.  Of course it was so fun to people watch!!!

Crazy Horse...

 Mount Rushmore..again crappy camera = crappy pictures...but it was still so cool to see.  We must start planning and saving our pennies to take the kids soon.  Even as young as they are, they would appreciate pulling the camper across a few states and staying at KOA campgrounds and seeing all the sites...
This momma forgot how hard it is traveling without her family and got a bit will be nice to get home to all my boys.

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