Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Momma

Happy Birthday to Me! We had such a great day together celebrating my 31st birthday. Bear grilled homemade burgers, California style, per my request and homemade fries. YUM! It was delightful. I had set a cake mix, eggs, oil, pan, frosting, beaters, etc...on the stove earlier in the week hoping somebody would make my cake, other than myself. Nobody did, but he did bring home a store bought cake that was delicious. They put 17 candles on my cake, that's all we had in the cupboard (and I didn't object), and sang to me. The boys helped me blow out the candles and made wishes with me.
The Bear toasted me with a large glass of wine and we had a great evening together. The boys and I pulled out all the past birthday decorations and made the house look so special. I had the camera out on the tripod and the boys were taking pictures of us...some turned out pretty cute!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

well...what else do you do with left over play-dough?

You make volcanoes out of it...that's what!
Parker came home from school with a recipe for clay volcanoes. You shape a volcano out of clay or play-dough and then add baking soda and a little bit of cider vinegar. Sit back and watch it erupt! Parker came home telling me how to make it exactly. It took him 10 minutes to get the full verbiage out and then I went through his back pack and found the actual directions from the teacher.
Our play-dough got a little gooey towards the end and the directions say to use clay if you want them to last. And then my husband informed me that my volcano wasn't the right shape and that is why is didn't erupt that much.
It was still a blast to use up all the mixed up, nasty, half hard play-dough and the cider vinegar I think I am supposed to cook with?!

Monday, April 18, 2011

a weekend at the Edge

A weekend at the Edge proved to be a great one! The trip planning started in February. Mahrya, Sean, Abby and Isaac and the Olson 4 were all going to make up for our winter weekend that didn't happen in January. We were so excited, the kids were earning stars on their charts for the water park and then it happened...the bedbug report came out and we all freaked!
Once the issue was cleared up and there were in fact no bedbugs at the "big hotel" we were back on. We had one simple request. Please put us in joint rooms so we can all hang out and then go to bed in our own rooms. That didn't happen.
The kids were so excited to swim that we all got changed in the locker rooms and waited for the staff to fix our room mix up. Abby was celebrating her 9th Birthday that Sunday and brought enough goggles for all the kids to wear. The boys are all just a year apart, 5, 4, and 3. Busy.
We spent as much time as we could in the pools. Abby and I went down the tube slides multiple times. Parker even braved the big slide with me. I was just a tad concerned that they wouldn't let him wear a life jacket down the tube slide, but he took it right off. You could find Emmitt at any given moment with some parent in the hot tub. By the end of the weekend we were saying he had "hot tub cough". This loose, gross, wet, phlegmy cough. He and Isaac were the two in the hot tub the most and they had it. Then the next morning all the kids at breakfast were coughing so it is something in the water or air.
Isaac and Sean. Two of the most fun boys I have ever known!
The look on Emmitt's face in the picture below is something I hope and pray I never forget. This image has been forever etched in my brain. I can even hear his voice when I think of this face. It's the I see my momma and I want her to come get me right now, I love her so much! And I am not lying. That is really what he is thinking and saying. He will blurt out to most people that he loves them so much, just out of the blue. It makes most people so happy they just scoop him up and love on him. I am not sure shouting it to the pizza delivery man is such a great idea, but hey...we all know the world could use a little more love!
When we were finally alerted that the room situation had been worked out, we were pleasantly surprised. One because what we ended up with is what we had originally requested and were told no and two, we were told no by the hotel and the husbands who all agreed it was the best part of the trip. We (Mahrya and I) had originally wanted a suite for 8. 2 big begs for the parents and 2 sets of twin bunk beds for the kids. The hotel said nope, it only sleeps 7. Whatever, I am sure we could cram those guys on the pullout couch! When we checked in, they gave us (or so they thought) 2 rooms that joined by a door. Well Mahrya's door joined to some one else and we didn't have a door to anyone! So we ended up in the suite for the same price, throw in our discounts from being hospital employees, pack all our own food to share and you get a $200 weekend for everything! Wristbands included. We didn't factor in food costs and liquor since we would have done those two at home all weekend anyways. But not dining out, free tickets to the Children's Museum (via the Library system), and smart meal planning made the whole trip that much more fun! We had a blast. The kids all had toys along to share and the bunk beds made it that much more memorable. Their room was sort of closed off with their own TV. It was awesome...definitely a must do again.
Gave the hubs the camera, on top of low lighting and steamy air temps, this below is proof that I am their mom and I was at the Edge in March of 2011 with them.There is something about watching your kid accomplish something all by himself that is so rewarding and sad at the same moment. Parker wanted to do the rope walk. The first 2 times I literally had to hold the floaty walking "stones" in place so the kid could get across. Then he says, mom you can go take pictures of me, I'll do it all by myself. Sigh, I say and I proceed to the edge of the pool. You know what? You are so right, he crossed them and came running to me with the biggest, proudest grin that it made it so rewarding and sad all at once.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

shoveling in sandals

The boys quickly figured out that if they broke apart the snow it melted faster. Saturday brought us 60 degrees so they justified sandals, shorts and shovels.
Emmitt also found the Easter hat that is size 0. He has been wearing it day and night. Literally, he wears it to bed and wakes up with it on.
The boys also figured out if they moved the sump pump hose everyday it melted a new patch of snow in the front yard. Parker then decided to turn the hose on in the back yard (without me knowing it). Bear was gone last week for the Frozen Four and one night I kept hearing this noise in my house. Almost like water running. So I check all the toilets, run downstairs and stare at my ceiling wondering where the heck that noise is coming from. By 10 o'clock I figure out that the noise is coming from the hose running outside. For 5 hours! 5 hours of full blast hose running in my back yard!!! The kid didn't even have it in a patch of snow.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

2nd Annual Father's Fishing Trip

Last year was the 1st Annual Father's Fishing Trip and the tradition continued this year. It has turned into a great Christmas gift for these guys. Again, 5 am they were on the road. This year they were able to get away during the middle of the week (must be nice). But it was a great reward for Bear to have completed the VNP building and be able to take a breather for a guys weekend.
Another year older and baiting his own hook. He insisted on wearing "the glove" though each time he did it. But he got the minnow on the hook properly all by himself!
Daddy and Parker were able to spend some one on one together again. It's nice for Emmitt and Mommy at home too. The fish houses were a bit away from each other this year. Last year they were all in one, this year it was a bit different and they were in 2 houses.
Parker would run between the 2 houses all day long visiting the different "fathers".
They did manage to catch a few fish each day, but the fishing is down all over the place, so it was to be expected. It makes the trip that much longer when the fish aren't biting but it's still so special.
"Harry" and Parker again. I cannot remember what this guys name is, but he remembered Parker from last year and Parker remembers him. Well, all but his name. He said, it's Harry, because he has a lot of hair. But this guy drives the Bombardier on the ice and transports you to your fish house.
Papa Milo and his little buddy fishing.
Parker with all the fish. Once again, he reeled them all in and therefore believes he "caught" them all.
Harry, Parker and Bear. This year the guys stayed in a cabin on land. I am beginning to think that Harry may be part of the family also.
Parker and daddy hanging out on the couch at the cabin. Doesn't get much better than this!Well maybe it does. How about you add a Superman cape, a bag of chips and a pop? Yeah that's more like it!
The guys spent a couple of days fishing and enjoyed each others company. It is a great time for all of us involved. I am all for pulling my kid out of school for a couple of days to subject him to the great outdoors and to be with family. It is the chance of a lifetime to be able to spend quality time with these very important men in his life. Time we won't ever be able to get back and time worth making time for!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

the day we played hookie

Bear and I played hookie from work a couple of weeks ago. He asked me on a day date and we went out ice fishing. We dropped the kids off at daycare and headed out. Bear offered to pack the lunch and I simply said whatever you pack, I'll eat. We grabbed some supplies from the bait shop and tried to find a solid ice road. The first road was not what we considered safe so we went out past Island View.
We got a good ways out on the ice by carefully steering to keep the truck in the previous trucks ruts. We finally see a few houses and trucks and breathe a sigh of relief. Bear decides to pull off and set up. Well he pulled off the road a little too early and we got stuck. A bit of panic sets in for me as I hang my head out the open window wondering what the heck we do next. A few minutes of rocking the truck back and forth and we see another truck coming up behind us and the nice stranger offers to pull us out. THANK YOU NICE MAN! We go approximately another 25 yards and it's the glare sheet of ice that we should have pulled off on...not the 2 feet of slush that pulls you all over the place! Griswolds.
We decided not to set up the fish house, it was gorgeous out, a little windy, but nice enough to stand on the ice all day. Bear drills the holes for us, baits our hooks and we wait. Literally, we wait all day. I got one bite, didn't set the hook properly and the fish got away. That was the only bite all.day.long.
The hubs clearly enjoying his day date with his wife. He served me PB&J sandwiches and FunYuns. It was perfect. I had to "make" the lunch he packed but it was still perfect. We ate sunflower seeds all day and spit the shells on the ice. We would hang out in the truck if the wind got too cold. We would sit and watch the lines for any action.
The queen hanging out on her throne.
Since we didn't use the minnows what else do you do with them? You have two options: 1) dump them down the hole for the fish to eat for free and reward them for not biting our hook or 2) take the home for your kids and let them play with them in the tub until they all die. We obviously picked option 2.
When the minnows "went to sleep" we would just flush them. It was hours of fun.
Even though we didn't catch any fish, we had a great day spending time together, talking without interruptions and simply hanging out. We forget how important it is to do, but so worth it when the rare moment comes along.

Friday, April 1, 2011

14 years ago today...

14 years ago today...a super hot guy got down on one knee if front of the Rainy River Community College library and asked me for my number...ahhhh.