Monday, November 4, 2013

Back to School 2013-2014

  Back to School 2013-14

Back to school brings, early mornings, new shoes, schedules, backpacks, lunches, books, alphabets, lots of pencils, friends, new teachers, learning, bus rides and fun!

Mr. Emmitt started Kindergarten this year! We are always so amazed at how fast time goes, but when the baby is doing things for the last time it is so bittersweet. He has Mrs. Pavleck (AKA Mommy's friend Molly) for his teacher this year and loves her! Grandma Audrey really worked with him over the summer on his name, letter recognition and reading. He is doing very well in school! The sight word list is growing daily and we are amazed at how fast it is all going.
Parker is in second grade this year. His teacher is Mr. Zika. That's right, the first male teacher he has had and it has been awesome! This kid has bonded with his teacher like I have never seen. We are pretty sure it is because of the male factor, but also he loves sports and hunting just like Parker. They have a little banter every Monday morning about how many birds we got over the weekend. Last week Parker turned our bird shooting into a math problem. 2 spruce hen + 3 ruffed grouse + 2 sharp tails = 7 birds. He is so excited to come home and talk about his day. His reading is excelling nicely. It can be a struggle to get him to sit down and read, but once he does, he can do so for 30 minutes or more. Math has always come pretty easy to him. Last year's teacher dubbed him a "math brain" and he continues to show us that. Handwriting will be the skill he will need to improve on most...he just simply doesn't like to take the time to write slowly and neatly.

Parker made sure to take care of his little brother on the bus. So cute how he guided him to the bus if Emmitt forgot from last year! But he stayed right next to his brother for the ride to and from school.

We had one happy and tired Kindergartner on the first day of school! He absolutely loves school and is excited about learning.

We just came back from parent teacher conferences and got awesome reviews on both boys! They love school, love learning, are behaving (thank God!), are having fun, sometimes get too loud, listen, play hard and love their teachers...sigh, couldn't ask for a better year ahead of us!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013~Werewolves

The Olson Werewolves
This year we were all thinking we were going to be Harry Potter characters. Or Addams family. Then we flipped through a Halloween catalog and the boys saw werewolves. It was at that moment I thought our family themed trick or treating was done for. After asking the boys if they were okay not having mom and dad with them as a theme (insert broken mom heart here), they quickly replied that they wanted us to be werewolves with them! I went from being super sad that they no longer wanted us with them, to super excited that I got at least another year out of this!

This year's costumes were pretty cheap. I have dropped a small fortune in the past on costumes. But I only bought the masks and the "designer fur" from a craft store. I spent day one of the Federal shutdown sewing chest hair on white t-shirts and little kid gloves.I just ripped up some of our "shack shirts" and we paired it up with holey jeans. Overall pretty cute costumes!

 One year ago we trick or treated for our Bella. She fit in the pumpkin last year, this year...not so much.
We had a fun night out trick or treating. We visited our usual houses of family and friends and then headed home. The boys really wanted to set up in the driveway and jump out from behind the trees and scare people. I quickly agreed and only made one scaring kids shorter than Emmitt. Everyone else was fair game!