Wednesday, October 31, 2007

3 Little Monkeys

See no, hear no, speak no evil (Parker, Max and Nate)

Determined to get that banana out of his pocket-it was sewn in...

I got it!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Week 24

I had a doctor appointment last week. Very routine, everything looks and sounds normal. Currently packing an extra 12 pounds. Uterus measuring 23.5 weeks. Bebe's heartrate at 150bpm. Blood pressure 100/60. Blood test results back-no downs syndrome. Next appointment in a month, I do the glucose test-where you swallow a can of orange syrup, sit around for an hour and see what happens to your blood sugar level. That's always fun.
Decided to play around with my camera and got some self portraits taken. Still learning but better than making my husband try to be creative with me.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Trip to the Library

Parker and I have been going to the local library for about 4 months now. Pretty uneventful. Mostly trying to convey to him that he needs to be quiet at the library. Just like at church when we go to see Jesus. (But at church, I lie to him and tell him Jesus is sleeping and he gets it) I can't think of anyone who would be sleeping at the library. So he has his little shoulder bag that we keep the "bi-bary" books in along with his own personal library card. The routine is the same, we park, we enter, he pushes the elevator button to go down, we go to the board book section, he picks out which books he wants, puts them on the counter, ever so sweetly hands the librarian his card and we pack the new books into the bag, we push the button to go up in the elevator, we go home and we read and re-read the bi-bary books until mommy and daddy are so sick of them and then we go back. We go to the library at least every other week. Well this past trip to the library went a little differently. Fast forward to him so sweetly handing his card over and mommy packing the books in the bag, 2 to 5 seconds tops, I turn around and he was gone! I could hear him not being quiet and listening to his echo in the hallway but I could not see him. "ah-ha, ah-ha" over and over. I "run" my pregnant butt as quickly as I can to the voice, peak towards the elevator, closed, thank god! I can still hear him "ah-ha", I race past the bathrooms and into a little room at the end of the hallway, no Parker to be seen. Then I hear it-the fire alarm blaring away-waa, waa, waa, waa. I realize there is one place he could be-the elevator! I race back towards the elevator, hit the "up" button and the door opens. My sweet little boy cocks his head to the side and says "hi momma". By this point I have 3 librarians behind me laughing! I am in shock and gritting my teeth saying "get out of the elevator" without every parting my mouth or moving my lips (only mothers can do that you know). So I sheepishly turn around and say-can you shut off the alarm? Are there any forms I need to fill out? Should we call off the fire department? They say not to worry and we get in the elevator and proceed on home.

I am starting to rethink those leashes parents put on their kids. I used to think they were inhumane but I am starting to realize the practicality of them.

I told this story to my brother-in-law's mother today and she tells me she had to leash him up and attach it to the garage! She also said he was the kid she put a sign on saying "don't feed me". Apparently he would wander the neighborhood asking for food! So I guess it could be a lot worse!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our Little "Flying" Monkey

Parker has recently discovered that he can jump off of random things in our house. The couch, chairs, pillows, cushions, etc...but it's not actual jumping (I'm still not sure he has conquered that yet) it's "butt drops". Which are, jumping up and kicking your legs in front of you, landing on your butt. We catch him crawling up to the back of the couch and jumping onto his butt on the cushions. He has now figured out that if he stacks a few throw pillows on the cushion he gets a little boost off the couch and onto the floor. The problem is what almost every home in America has in front of their couch-a coffee table! He has bonked his head a few times but nothing major and has come very close on other times. So we scold him to get down, threaten and give timeouts, but he sneaks back up there as soon as we turn our backs.

So the question is: do we continue to reprimand the behavior or ignore it and let him learn on his own?

You should know that I broke my leg when I was 2 and my arm when I was 3. So this kind of behavior may be hereditary.

Ironically enough, we had already purchased this years Halloween costume-what else but a monkey!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Fall Fun in the Leaves

Saturday we went out to the Mannausau's to take our annual Fall pictures. Daddy got Parker to throw leaves at him and smile so big. I had gotten a new lens for my camera and had to try it out. Thanks to my friend and camera expert Gina they turned out just the way I wanted them to. We managed to get a weather break to go outside, it has been raining off and on all day long for a week straight! Needless to say the leaves were wet and so was Parker but I don't think he cared.