Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our Little "Flying" Monkey

Parker has recently discovered that he can jump off of random things in our house. The couch, chairs, pillows, cushions, etc...but it's not actual jumping (I'm still not sure he has conquered that yet) it's "butt drops". Which are, jumping up and kicking your legs in front of you, landing on your butt. We catch him crawling up to the back of the couch and jumping onto his butt on the cushions. He has now figured out that if he stacks a few throw pillows on the cushion he gets a little boost off the couch and onto the floor. The problem is what almost every home in America has in front of their couch-a coffee table! He has bonked his head a few times but nothing major and has come very close on other times. So we scold him to get down, threaten and give timeouts, but he sneaks back up there as soon as we turn our backs.

So the question is: do we continue to reprimand the behavior or ignore it and let him learn on his own?

You should know that I broke my leg when I was 2 and my arm when I was 3. So this kind of behavior may be hereditary.

Ironically enough, we had already purchased this years Halloween costume-what else but a monkey!

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