Monday, March 29, 2010

the weekend away

We spent the men's Kerry Park hockey tournament weekend away. Far, far away. It seems like every year or two when this weekend rolls around, I get out of town. Bear hosts a team of guys and our house turn into hockey central. It's just easier to get out of there. I feel like he doesn't have to worry about not seeing the kids all weekend, I don't have to nag about the kids having crappy naps because the house is a zoo and I don't have to wrangle a two year old at the arena all weekend. I think it's been at least 2 years since I was in attendance. I vaguely remember Parker being two and Emmitt was brand new and I had him in the sling. It just wasn't that much fun.
I, by far, had way more fun on my weekend away with the boys at my sisters house.
We left Thursday morning after Parker was done with school. Emmitt and I were all packed and ready to go. I thought it would be a smooth easy in easy out of the school, but it is pretty rare that Emmitt gets to see Parker's classroom and before I knew it he was at the snack table with the big kids having a cookie! The kids thought it was pretty cool that Parker's little brother came to school with him.
We hit the road and the trip went super smooth. My boys have really adjusted well to being in the car for hours at a time. Thank God for DVD players and Goldfish crackers.
The weather was gorgeous the day we travelled South. The kids played outside a lot. The swing set that never gets used unless we come over has come in handy more than once. Parker and Emmitt taught Emma and Peter how to "spider swing". It was so nice to let Emma be in charge. She says she doesn't want to babysit "other kids" but really is great with mine. She is a very responsible 14 year old. And a 14 year old who still likes to play with my kids!
Auntie Debbie made us 3 square meals a day. She even had a fondue night! The kids absolutely loved dipping their strawberries and bananas in chocolate. Who wouldn't?Debs and I worked on making cards all weekend on and off. It's easier than hauling a ton of scrapbook stuff along and a great way to use up paper that we were never going to use on a page. In between staying up late and drinking a lot of wine we did manage to crank out some pretty cute cards.
I made a comment Friday about possibly taking Emma to Walmart at Midnight to buy us a copy of New Moon. Well that didn't happen (because of the wine). But my wonderful brother-in-law went there after his hockey game and bought us each a copy. Of course the next afternoon we had to watch Edward and Jacob. Ahhhh...the weekend just kept getting better and better.
Did I mention how wonderful my niece and nephew were to my kids all weekend? They really were fabulous. I asked Debs at one point if the kids don't fight because they are too far apart in age or too far apart in miles? I don't know what the answer is, but it sure was nice to not have to worry about them when they were outside playing or when Debs and I snuck away to walk together. It really was great.
~Emma Rae~
~Peter Wayne~ Parker scored some new hockey gear. 3 practice jerseys and a new helmet. Of course he was totally in ahh of Peter being a hockey dude.
Debs with Emma. A couple of times this weekend Emma would say something and I would think it was Debbie talking. I would look at both of them and ask "who said that?". Then, in unison, they would both just laugh at me. It was a great weekend to get away. I loved that it got to be a day longer than expected. Debs and the kids were both off on Friday for spring break. The weather could have been a bit warmer but we bundled up and spent some time outside. The kids stayed up late watching movies, they slept great, they ate great, they travelled couldn't have been any better.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Number 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 of 4

We are number 3 and 4 of the 4 girls in my family. Born just 6 years and 17 days apart.
I love how us four girls are all so different yet so alike.

These are number 1 and 2 of us 4 girls.

We all range in age, likes, dislikes but always seem to have a common ground in one another. I love that I have a different relationship with each of my sisters. The relationship is forever evolving and turning new corners. I was always referred to as their baby. I came along when they were 12, 10 and 6 years old. My mom says that I was their little doll. They did some of the care taking. The "taught" me how to walk at 8 months 3 weeks. The carried me around, they dressed me, they fed me, they loved me.

Can't wait to see what the next 30 years brings with us four girls.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fishing with the Fathers

Well, Parker got his first experience this past weekend on a "guys weekend". Bear took him on an overnight fishing trip in Baudette. Bear referred to it as the Father's Fishing Trip. It was himself, his Father Don, his Father in Law Milo and his Godfather Jimmy. Parker right away started referring to Jim as Uncle Jimmy, it was cute how he felt Jim needed a family title.
They were up at 5 am on Saturday morning and on the road 30 minutes later. The truck was packed and Parker oozed excitement.
The guy at the tackle shop gave Parker a complimentary starter fishing bag full of jigs, lures, a pole, everything to get him started!
The fish house is a permanent house that stays on the ice for the season. You fish in it all day, eat in it, go to the bathroom in it and then sleep in it. Thankfully the weather was nice enough and thankfully Milo brought the auger along so they guys were able to choose if they wanted to fish inside or outside.
I wish Bear would log in and type the story from his perspective, I'm only going off of bits and pieces that I have heard. Parker truly had "fantastic" behavior. I'm quoting all the guys on that one. I actually texted back "seriously?" when he told me. A four year old stuck in a small building for hours on end is being fantastic? But yes folks, he has a wonderful spirit in there...we just don't always see it.
Bear said that whenever a bobber would go down in any hole the guys would set the hook and Parker reeled in all the fish. He officially won the "first fish contest" and took their money!
Parker and Uncle Jimmy. Doesn't seem to mind one bit that a flopping fish is right in his face.
Papa Milo. Parker actually took this picture. Papa thankfully had the camera along to document the trip for us.
Bear said Parker would fish outside for hours on end. Come into the house when he "feet hurt". He said it was a combination of the rubber boots, wool socks and being wet. He would take a break for 20 minutes, play with his leapster or a toy he brought and then want to get dressed and go back out again. Again, fantastic behavior! The feet hurting was his only complaint.
Doesn't he seem so young to be doing this? Just hanging out on 3 feet of ice. No jacket, no hat, no mitts...just chillin' in my folding chair catching some fish.I love this picture. I don't know that we have very many of the 3 generations of Ole guys. Don looks proud. Bear looks happy. Parker looks happy and proud. The burbot...well it looks dead and slimy.Daddy's boy. Bear said he was his little buddy all weekend. But that's nothing new. I actually think he is drinking a pop. But, hey! What happens in the fish house stays in the fish house.When the guys got home Emmitt was so excited to see them all! All weekend if anybody would ask where brother was, he'd say fishing. If they asked if he missed him, he'd say no. But we know he did. He wasn't too sure about the burbot that was as long as him...but not too long after they had it out he was touching it and poking at it.Parker was so proud to show Emmitt all the fish he caught. I think the kid really thinks he caught all the fish since he reeled them all in! He was so proud to point them all out and Emmitt jumped right in on the action.It won't be long that Emmitt goes along with on the fishing trip and mom is left at home to do nothing but drink a glass of wine and sit in silence....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

bathtime fun

I love bath time. Our nightly bath routine has changed a bit over the course of four years. With Parker just days old and I had him in the tub with me. He was so tiny and pink and slippery. I was a new mom gently washing her new infants hair. I was nervous about getting the umbilical cord too wet. Just him and I taking a bath together. Once his little brother came along, he sat in the big tub with the infant tub next to him. New Emmitt having water dumped on his head and umbilical cord just 3 days old. I didn't worry too much this time around. I've been down this road before, he'll be fine. Once in awhile when Emmitt was brand new, all three of us crammed into the tub together. Me holding Emmitt, taking up the most room with my post baby body and little 2 year old Parker at the end of the tub playing away. Now Parker takes a shower some days with Daddy in the morning and sometimes all by himself. He is capable of washing his own hair and getting all the soap out. I stuck Emmitt in the shower one time with Parker and he wasn't too crazy about the idea. So just him and I take baths together once in awhile. Parker is officially banned from seeing mom naked (since he turned 4). We just tell him that mom's a girl and he's a boy and it's just not okay now that he is four. I always give Bear the option of bath time or ? whatever-dishes, supper clean up, laundry. He always picks the other. For some reason he chooses not to do bath time.
Most days the boys have baths together after supper. I have taught them to give mom pedicures in the tub while reading a magazine. I hang my legs over the side of the tub and they have my old makeup brushes that they use to "paint" my toenails and they pour water on my feet. All the while I am laying on the floor reading my latest Us Weekly. I definitely feel like I am getting the easier "chore" by being given bath time.
One thing both boys have yet to outgrow is their bath time snuggles. They both love being wrapped up like a baby and cradled in momma's arms. I enjoy every moment of bath time from start to the sweet, sweet finish...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

4 Year old Comedian

So Parker is a little comedian. I don't think he realizes that he is though. Just some funny things that he says:
Mom, Daddy said the A-word. I ask what the A-word is. The A-word is stupid.

Another topic this week was dinosaurs. They had dinosaur day at school and a presentation.
Mom, I get to see the dinosaurs at school today. But not the real dinosaurs, just pretend ones, the real ones are up in heaven with Jesus and Grandma.
Yup, bud. I bet Jesus is just hanging out with the dinosaurs up in heaven!

When dad asked, who do you think loves you more? (we won't get into why daddy was asking such a question) dad does, because everyday he says I'm his little buddy.

When dad was teasing Parker about knowing how to just say one word (probably monster!) to get him to come out of his hiding place. Parker said I know what you would say to get me to come out dad, you would say "COME OUT YOU LITTLE RAT!"

Seriously! We laugh everyday at the things this kid says. I'm glad I remember them long enough to type them. I don't ever want to forget.