Monday, March 29, 2010

the weekend away

We spent the men's Kerry Park hockey tournament weekend away. Far, far away. It seems like every year or two when this weekend rolls around, I get out of town. Bear hosts a team of guys and our house turn into hockey central. It's just easier to get out of there. I feel like he doesn't have to worry about not seeing the kids all weekend, I don't have to nag about the kids having crappy naps because the house is a zoo and I don't have to wrangle a two year old at the arena all weekend. I think it's been at least 2 years since I was in attendance. I vaguely remember Parker being two and Emmitt was brand new and I had him in the sling. It just wasn't that much fun.
I, by far, had way more fun on my weekend away with the boys at my sisters house.
We left Thursday morning after Parker was done with school. Emmitt and I were all packed and ready to go. I thought it would be a smooth easy in easy out of the school, but it is pretty rare that Emmitt gets to see Parker's classroom and before I knew it he was at the snack table with the big kids having a cookie! The kids thought it was pretty cool that Parker's little brother came to school with him.
We hit the road and the trip went super smooth. My boys have really adjusted well to being in the car for hours at a time. Thank God for DVD players and Goldfish crackers.
The weather was gorgeous the day we travelled South. The kids played outside a lot. The swing set that never gets used unless we come over has come in handy more than once. Parker and Emmitt taught Emma and Peter how to "spider swing". It was so nice to let Emma be in charge. She says she doesn't want to babysit "other kids" but really is great with mine. She is a very responsible 14 year old. And a 14 year old who still likes to play with my kids!
Auntie Debbie made us 3 square meals a day. She even had a fondue night! The kids absolutely loved dipping their strawberries and bananas in chocolate. Who wouldn't?Debs and I worked on making cards all weekend on and off. It's easier than hauling a ton of scrapbook stuff along and a great way to use up paper that we were never going to use on a page. In between staying up late and drinking a lot of wine we did manage to crank out some pretty cute cards.
I made a comment Friday about possibly taking Emma to Walmart at Midnight to buy us a copy of New Moon. Well that didn't happen (because of the wine). But my wonderful brother-in-law went there after his hockey game and bought us each a copy. Of course the next afternoon we had to watch Edward and Jacob. Ahhhh...the weekend just kept getting better and better.
Did I mention how wonderful my niece and nephew were to my kids all weekend? They really were fabulous. I asked Debs at one point if the kids don't fight because they are too far apart in age or too far apart in miles? I don't know what the answer is, but it sure was nice to not have to worry about them when they were outside playing or when Debs and I snuck away to walk together. It really was great.
~Emma Rae~
~Peter Wayne~ Parker scored some new hockey gear. 3 practice jerseys and a new helmet. Of course he was totally in ahh of Peter being a hockey dude.
Debs with Emma. A couple of times this weekend Emma would say something and I would think it was Debbie talking. I would look at both of them and ask "who said that?". Then, in unison, they would both just laugh at me. It was a great weekend to get away. I loved that it got to be a day longer than expected. Debs and the kids were both off on Friday for spring break. The weather could have been a bit warmer but we bundled up and spent some time outside. The kids stayed up late watching movies, they slept great, they ate great, they travelled couldn't have been any better.

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