Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ningxia Red Recipes- Shots, Smoothies, Popsicles & Gummies!

“Which essential oils do you recommend adding to your NingXia Red?” is a popular question I get on a regular basis. My answer, “It depends on your focus.” I know, I know, that is probably not the answer you are looking for. I want to walk you through some steps for customizing your NingXia Red.

Step 1
Determine your need. Everyone has their own special desires. My focus is twofold; first, I like to add additional flavors to appeal to my pallet. For this I generally stick to the citrus oils. Lime is my current favorite. Second, I am interested in adding oils for weight management.

Step 2
Because I don’t normally change my needs day to day, I like to customize my entire bottle of juice by adding the oils directly to the bottle. This simplifies my morning routine and makes sure I don’t miss out on the benefits.

Step 3
Shake, pour, and enjoy. You now have a quick and simple way to make sure you are getting your customized daily whole-body nutrient infusion.

Here are a few simple recipes for creating your own customized bottle of NingXia Red. As always please follow individual label cautions and usage guidelines.

Tangerine Blast 
10 drops tangerine essential oil
3 drops lime essential oil
Immunity (perfect for supporting a healthy immune system)
2 drops Thieves essential oil blend (can easily overpower the flavor)
4 drops lemon essential oil
4 drops tangerine essential oil
Slique Shot (great addition to the Slique regimen)
7 drops Slique Essence essential oil blend
2 drops lime essential oil blend
Good Morning Shot (wakes you up in the morning)
5 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
4 drops peppermint essential oil
2 drops orange essential oil
2 drops tangerine essential oil
1 drop lime essential oil
Don’t want to customize a bottle?
Here are some of our favorite “Ningxia Shots” to try…. Or make up your own… add your favorite oils and play mixologist!

Ningxia Shots: 

Who Let the Dogs Out?
1 drop lemon or orange essential oil
2 drops tangerine essential oil
1 drop sacred frankincense essential oil
1 drop cinnamon bark essential oil

Great Awakening
1 drop sacred frankincense essential oil
1 drop peppermint essential oil
2 drops of your favorite citrus oil

Stomach Soother
2 drops peppermint essential oil
1 drop DiGize™ essential oil blend
1 drop ocotea essential oil

The Nuclear Explosion
1 drop peppermint essential oil
1 drop lavender essential oil
1 drop frankincense essential oil
1 drop lemon essential oil
1 drop tangerine essential oil
1 drop orange essential oil

The Hangover Shot
3 Drops Lemon
3 drops Grapefruit
3 drops Peppermint

The Dreamsicle
1 Drop Orange
1 Drop Lemon
1 Drop Lime
1 Drop Tangerine

Atomic Fireball
1 Drop Ginger
2 Drops Cinnamon Bark

Mind Blaster
1 drop Lime
1 Drop Peppermint
1 Drop Cinnamon

Hot Flash
2 Drops Cinnamon Bark
2 Drops Peppermint

Simply Smooth
2 Drops Tangerine
2 Drops Lime

Momma's Routine
2 Drops Longevity
2 Drops Lemon
1 Drop Cinnamon Bark
1 Drop Peppermint

Want to mix it up some days.... why not try adding Ningxia to a smoothie, popsicle or GUMMIES recipe!


Black Forest Ningxia Smoothie
Blend Together:
1 cup Raspberries (you can use frozen)
1 Tbsp. Raw Cacao Powder
1 cup coconut milk
¼ c of Ningxia Red
2 tsp of Honey

Banana Berry Smoothie
Blend Together:
1 large banana
½ c mixed berries
½ c milk
½ c natural yogurt
¼ c ningxia red
2 tsp of Honey

Orange and Mango Ningxia Smoothie
Blend Together:
crushed ice
1 juicy orange
2 medium mangos
¼ c Ningxia Red

Mama's Smoothie
Blend Together: 
1 scoop vanilla power meal
1/2 c vanilla almond milk
1/4 c Ningxia Red
1 c Fresh Pineapple
1/2 c Strawberries

Dancing Queen
Blend together:
1 pouch of red
1 scoop vanilla spice protein powder
 1 container of blood orange Greek yogurt 
10 frozen dark cherries


Strawberry Lemon-Lime Popsicles
Makes about 6 1/2-cup popsicles
1/2 cup evaporated cane juice crystals
2 pints fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced
1/2 cup water
4 drops Lime essential oil
2 drops Lemon essential oil
1 drop Black Pepper essential oil (optional)
1/8 teaspoon fine sea salt
Bring evaporated cane juice crystals, strawberries, and water to a boil in a small saucepan. Simmer until the crystals are dissolved, and then remove from heat and cool to room temperature.
When cooled, add Lime, Lemon, Black Pepper (if using), and salt and stir to combine. Process the mixture in a food processor or blender until smooth. Divide between popsicle molds, leaving 1/4-inch space at the top for expansion. 
Freeze overnight or until completely frozen before removing from molds.

Yogurt Parfait Popsicles
Makes about 6 1/2-cup popsicles
1 1/2 pints fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced
1/4 cup honey
1 cup plain yogurt
1 drop Ocotea essential oil
1/2 to 1 cup granola
Bring strawberries and honey to a boil in a small saucepan. Simmer for 10 minutes, and then remove from heat and cool to room temperature.
When cooled, combine yogurt and Ocotea essential oil in a small bowl, and then scoop a generous spoonful of the strawberry mixture into the bottom of each mold. Add a spoonful of granola and a spoonful of the strawberry mixture. Continue to layer yogurt, granola, and strawberries until the molds are filled to 1/4 inch from the top. Tap molds lightly against the counter to remove air bubbles.
Freeze overnight or until completely frozen and enjoy!

NingXia Red Orange Popsicles
Makes about 6 1/2-cup popsicles
1 cup water
2 cups NingXia Red®
3 drops Orange essential oil
Combine water, NingXia Red, and Orange essential oil in a bowl. Divide between popsicle molds, leaving 1/4 inch at the top for expansion.
Freeze overnight or until completely frozen before removing from molds.
Don’t have any popsicle molds? You can use any kind of small cup to mold the popsicles. When the mixture is halfway frozen, insert a popsicle stick.
To unmold popsicles, dip the frozen molds in a warm bowl of water until the popsicles are easily removed. If the stick comes out before the popsicle, they weren’t frozen enough.
To store, unmold all of the popsicles and place them on a waxed paper-lined tray and refreeze for 10 minutes. Place popsicles in freezer bags, separated by extra strips of waxed paper.


This makes ALOT of gummies.
1/2c 100% juice (we used Apple, but grape or orange would be great!)
1/2c Ningxia Red
2 1/2 envelopes Gelatin
3 Tbsp. Honey
6 drops Lemon Oil
I have also done this with Mindwise instead of Ningxia.
Add 1/2c juice to small saucepan. Top with gelatin, whisk in. Heat on low-medium heat until no longer grainy & is thin (it will start opaque & turn clear).
Pull from heat, add honey whisk in, I whisked until it had cooled a bit, then I added Ningxia & essential oils. (I didn't want it to hot, because it can affect the essential oils properties). I used a clean medicine dosing syringe to fill my mold. The extra I put in a glass pan. Refrigerate 1 hour or until firm. Pop out of mold, or pan. Store in airtight container.

Scrubs, Sprays & Soaps Oh My!

1 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. coconut oil (melted)
10 Drops Lemon
5 drops Lavender
Mix & store in glass jar.
SPRAY: 2oz Liquid Carrier 5 Drops Lavender EO 2 Drops Peppermint EO
CREAM: 1c. Coconut Oil 20 Drops Lavender Oil 10 Drops Peppermint Oil
How to Use: Spray or Rub on following Sun Exposure, for relief of sunburn. Can add 1-2 drops of Frankincense to promote healthy skin cells.
GRAPEFRUIT FACE/BODY SCRUB: 1 C. Sugar (I like cane sugar) 1/4c. coconut oil 1/4c jojaba or avocado oil 10 drops grapefruit EO (or any oil of your choice) Combine ingredients, and store in a glass jar.
THIEVES HAND SANITIZER: 5 Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel 4 Tbsp Water 1/4 tsp Vit E 8-10 Drops Theives EO Small Squeeze container In a small bowl combine all ingredients but water. Then add water until desired consistency. Store in squeeze bottle. *use high quality plastic
BUG SPRAY: 1/2c Distilled water (sold by the gallon) 1/2c witch hazel 20 drops purification 20 drops peppermint 10 drops lemon
BUGS GET LOST!! Strong recipe: 20 drops Palo Santo 20 drops Citronella 20 drops purification 15 drops Peppermint 15 drops Cedarwood 1c witch hazel 1c Distilled water
YL Laundry Soap Items needed: *5 gallon bucket *1 Thieves bar or Fels-Naptha bar *1 cup Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda *1/2 cup Borax *1/2 cup Thieves Cleaner *10-20 drops YL oil of choice (I did 20 drops lavender ) *hot water Step 1. Grate your soap Step 2. Add grated soap to 4 cups water in saucepan, melt over medium heat Step 3. Fill 5 gallon bucket half full with hot tap water Step 4. Add melted soap, 1 cup washing soda, 1/2 cup borax to bucket and stir until dissolved Step 5. Fill bucket with hot tap water Step 6. Add 1/2 cup Thieves Cleaner and YL essential oil of choice (I used lavender) Step 7. Stir and cover. Let sit overnight to thicken. Step 8. Fill empty containers half full with homemade laundry detergent and half with water. Shake well.
Chocolate Peppermint Lip Balm *1/2 tsp beeswax *1 tsp coconut oil *Vit E *3 choc chips *3-4 drops of Peppermint *2 tubes Melt beeswax then add coconut oil. Mix then add a couple drops of vit e oil. Melt in chocolate chips then add peppermint. Use a dropper to put the wax into the tubes. Let set up for about 10 mins.
"Bulk" Lip Balm: 4 Tbsp coconut oil 2-3 Tbsp beeswax 12 drops of essential oil -can mix different kinds, peppermint & lavender, stress away & orange, frankincense and lavender, thieves & orange, any combo your heart desires. Makes 15 tubes
Lemon scrub: 2 1/2 cups of sugar 1/2 cup of evoo (extra virgin olive oil) or fractionated coconut oil (fractionated = liquid) 2 tablespoons of lemon juice 10 drops of lemon oil. Can add honey as well
Bath Salts: 1 Cup Epsom Salt ½ cup Baking Soda 10 drops of Essential Oils: Lavender + Lemon + Stress Away or 5 lavender + 5 peppermint
Shampoo: ¼ cup coconut milk 1/3 cup Liquid Castille Soap (like Dr. Bronners) ½ tsp of Vitamin E oil (Optional) 10-20 drops of Essential Oils, any will work If storing in a plastic container avoid citrus oils.
For dry hair, add ½ tsp olive, almond, or grape seed oil (Optional)
Combine all ingredients, Shake well to mix. Store in a squeeze bottle. Shake before each use. Use about 1 teaspoon per use.
Hair Conditioner: A Carrier Oil (fractionated Coconut, Jojoba, Sweet Almont, Grape seed Oil, Moroccan, etc) Guar Gum (a natural thickener commonly used in cosmetics and foods) Essential oil for Fragrance – lavender, lemon, orange, peppermint, joy 1 cup distilled water (can be filtered water) An empty bottle (a squeeze bottle would be best)
Measure 1 ¼ tsp of Guar Gum into an empty squeeze bottle Add ¾ tsp carrier oil Add 7-12 drops essential oil of your choice, start with a lower amount, you can always add more. Add water.
Stir, shake until the mixture is smooth and clump free and your conditioner is ready to use.
One of the benefits of making your own conditioner is that you can customize them to you. If after making a batch that and you find that you want a thicker conditioner, add more Guar Gum, if you would like it thinner, add more water. You can also adjust the scent by adding more essential oil.
Honey Lemon Cough Drops: 12 oz Honey (may only need ½ cup) 1-2 Tbsp Apple Cider vinegar 20-30 drops YL Lemon EO
Pour honey and apple cider vinegar into a saucepan. Bring to a boil and allow it to reach 300 degrees. Stir the whole time so it doesn’t stick. Once it reaches 300 degrees, remove from heat. After about a minute, add Lemon Oil and stir well. Have a greased cookie sheet and or cookie molds ready. Allow the honey mixture to cool just a bit until the honey is a little less runny. Use a big spoon, drop small amounts onto the cookie sheet to cover the tops of the sucker sticks and or into the candy molds. Allow them to cool at room temperature until they harden.
Cough Drops: 3/4 cup local honey Cook on stove over med. heat--use a candy thermometer until it reaches 300 degrees. Let it cool for 10 min or so, then add 10 drops of Theives. Stir.
Drop onto parchment paper.*I only used 8 drops thieves and added 12 drops lemon. Then I rolled them into balls and dropped them into powered sugar. You could also use Arrowroot powder.
Morphine Bomb aka Migraine Bomb: Balsam Fir, Copaiba, Frankincense 5 drops each in a capsule, as often as you need it.
Antibiotic Bomb: 12 drops Thieves 6 drops Oregano 2 drops Frankincense Place in capsule and take 1 every 4 hours for 3 days. Then 1 every 8 hours for 4 days.
Alternate Antibiotic Bomb: 10 drops Lemon 8 drops Mountain Savory 3 drops Oregano. Place in capsule and take 1 every 4 hours for 3 days. Then 1 every 8 hours for 4 days.
Cold and Flu Bomb: 4 drops Lemon 4 drops Thieves 3 drops Oregano 2 drops Frankincense 4 drops Carrier Oil – V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex, Grape Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil
Put into a capsule and take 2 times a day with a meal and a glass of water.**For children – multiply recipe and put into a 15 ml empty essential bottle and add a roller top and apply to bottom of feet. Don’t forget to diffuse as well.
Alternate Flu Bomb: 12 drops Thieves 6 drops Oregano 2 drops Frankincense Take in capsule 3 times per day. -Half the dose for kids.
Ear Infection Step 1:Thieves on feet Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lavender layered in that order around the ear and down the lymph nodes. Ear Infection Step 2: Thieves, Geranium, Purification, Thyme, Lavender, carrier oil, cotton ball Mix 2 drops of each with a tsp of carrier oil (grape seed oil) and place gently in ear. Rub mixture around ear and down lymph nodes. Make sure it is NOT dripping into the ear on the cotton ball. Do this mixture in rotation with Step 1.
Shingles: 10 drops Sandalwood 5 drops Cyprus 4 drops Peppermint 2 drops Ravintsara Mix in 1 tsp carrier oil (grape seed, fractionated coconut oil, v-6 vegetable oil) Apply 6-10 drops 1-3 times per day, for 21 days.
Carpet Fresh: 1/2c cornstarch 1/2c baking soda Add 10 drops thieves and 3 drops Lemon (or peppermint). Stir well and store in glass jar for 24 hrs before using. Sprinkle on carpet & vacuum after about an hour.
Room Spray: 15 drops Orange or Lemon 10 Drops Lavender 3 drops Geranium or Rosemary 2 drops tea tree 1 cup distilled water Put the essential oils & water into a glass spray bottle. Use as a room mist or to wipe down tables & surfaces.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Post op | Round one

I had my post op appointment today. It's been 15 days since the accident. Overall it went really well.

First-Stitches are out! Hurt like hell, but it feels good to have them out!

Second-the Degloving injury looks awesome and no further surgery is needed as of right now. The doc was super happy with how it looked.

I have a good size blister on my knee that I need to air dry as much as I can at home. We need the skin to heal.

I'm back in the immobilizing brace to keep my knee from bending so the incision can continue to heal.

I go back in a week for another follow up.

Thanks for all the prayers, they are working!!

******picture below******

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My word for 2016

Yesterday was by far my most challenging day emotionally. I started my day bawling and ended my day the same. We really weren't sure if it was the meds or just the entire situation. I could not get a grip on my emotions.

I literally sit in the same spot all day and night. Yeah I get up to go to the bathroom or fill my water jug for the 15th time, but that's it. If I try much more than that I'm left shaking and weak or light headed. I typically never.stop.moving. It's who I am and how I'm built. I'm super organized and can get an amazing amount of stuff done in a short amount of time. This whole ordeal has been a major reality check. I can't help but wonder if it's my "slow down" card.

I decided I just couldn't let today be the same. Sure it did actually feel good to cry, but it was also so confusing. So this morning at six, I got up and had Bear lead me down the steps so I could pick out my own clothes. Then I got myself in the shower and dressed. By the end of getting dressed I was sitting on the side of the tub with my head between my knees praying I wouldn't pass out. Bear got me to my chair and I was able to wrap my leg and get my brace back on. (I feel like I need to call Mercer Mayer for that one). Bear just said, "there's my independent little momma." I was proud of myself for doing it and didn't feel so helpless for once. "Baby steps" and "one day at a time" are on repeat in my head

I'm in a challenge group for my oil business and we all had to choose one word for the year 2016.

My word for 2016 is strength

1. the quality or state of being strong, in particular.
2. a good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing.

I had tossed around a few other words like: balance, intentional and commitment. But the major trauma last Sunday has flipped my world upside down. I have strength, I always have and I think I always will, but the strength I need now is so very different.

I'm sassy and spunky and a fighter naturally for all things and people. I want to be the good in the world and trust that it's always going to exist. But more recently I've had to really look at just how strong I really am. I've accepted food and help from others, who are all too willing to help out, that is so not me. I'm not one for handouts. I'm always the one organizing this kind of stuff. I've had to have someone help me walk and shower. I'm a VERY independent woman and it's humbling to let them help me with the simplest of things.

These everyday, simple tasks are requiring a different level of strength from me. They are making me let go of myself and allowing me to find the strength from within to allow people to help. I've always been the person running all over for have someone offer to help me and for me to accept it is a huge test of my strength. And I'm doing it. 

It's scary being vulnerable, but I have strength and will overcome any obstacle that life throws my way. For now I am taking this "unwelcomed" time off to take a hard look at where my weaknesses are in my business and life and where I need to strengthen them.

Thank you to all of you who are out there praying and thinking of me, for helping with meals, for the visits, for the flowers, for the goodie boxes, for everything...I won't ever forget it.