Sunday, October 31, 2010

the toothless tinman

Guess who let Auntie Tracey pull out another tooth? Yep on Halloween morning, he had his second tooth pulled by Auntie. And, guaranteed an extra treat tonight on Halloween under his pillow from the tooth fairy! I worked on the tooth the night before and he would barely hold his mouth open for me...he said, "I just want Auntie to do it mom!". Of course she obliged. They had this cute banter going back and forth about how she wasn't really going to pull it out, just wiggle it and then OUT it came! It made for a very cute, toothless tinman!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

and the costumes were hung...

and the costumes were hung...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the power of prayer

I am a true believer in the power of prayer. Our Nicker is going through an incredibly tough time right now. Saturday he was in a four wheeler accident, it rolled on top of him when he went up a steep hill, and he broke vertebrae in his back. Today is Wednesday and he is set to have surgery around noon. His family has created a caringbridge site for him. If you can; leave a message, read the incredible messages people have left for him and say a prayer for him. He is a strong 15 year old boy with a great head on his shoulders. He is an amazing nephew. My kids adore their cousin Nicker and it's been hard explaining all of this to those little minds. The surgery is fairly common and the outcome looks good. He definitely has somebody watching over him right now and at the time of the accident.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

yet another weekend at the shack

Yet another weekend was spent at the shack. I am claiming it official-I am the Queen of packing up for the shack. It's sort of an art and I am going to toot my own horn...I'm good! We usually head down Saturday morning, early-and I am coming off of a shift the night before at the Spot. So I have convinced my hubby to stop by the Coffee Shop for Pumpkin Spice Lattes for us and hot cocoa for the boys.
Violet. Our one and only other girl. We borrow her from Auntie and Uncle and she hangs out with us at the shack all weekend. It's actually hard to get her to go home when we leave, but she eventually realizes we are not there anymore. She's getting fed food right off the floor and positions herself strategically to eat the food the boys "drop".
Gotta have Doritos at the shack. They are the best thing there! I look forward to them each and every weekend.
This washtub has been through 3 generations. It's Bears grandmas. Her kids (my mother in law) have all bathed in it. The nieces and nephews. My husband and his brothers. And now these two. I had been bathing them in the sink tubs and Parker simply outgrew the sink (like awhile ago). So I asked my father in law and he said we have this old tub at the shop. Come to find out it's like 100 years old! Pretty cool. I of course still need to boil the well water and put them in front of the wood burning stove to keep them from freezing, and I still think that's an upgrade from what the previous bathers had.
I snuck up on the boys with Papa Don. They were playing with his hair and making him a moose. I love that they are all sitting on a wire reel. Very appropriate.Papa usually stays all weekend with us. We love it when he does. I make meals ahead of time and try to clean up the shack as best as I can. But we tend the fires together and he makes the best Whiskey Cokes this side of the Black River. He's an extra set of eyes and hands with the boys and it makes our weekends that much easier.Now these jackets tell another story. Different family. These are the Riley jackets. Derek and Nick wore these when they were little. They are now big boys (17 & 15). I can't hardly believe it. I put these jackets on the boys and just sat and looked at how long ago it really was that the "big boys" wore them. Then I sent the picture to their mom, Tammy, and she loved it too.Parker is officially the bird spotter. He thinks it's pretty cool that he and daddy went out hunting and that he spotted a partridge before daddy did. I also was out to impress. Bear hung some cans in a tree just like Milo used to and I peppered the heck out of them! The boys thought it was pretty cool that momma has her own gun and can actually use it! It's also pretty cool that momma had daddy cut off the birds feet and I taught the boys how to pull the tendon to make the toes splay and curl! God gave me boys for a reason!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Learning to Ride

About May, probably the 11th, Parker had a "half Birthday". Now, we are not ones to buy our kids birthday presents half way through the year, they get enough crap all year round...but in May we bought Parker a big boy bike. With full intentions that he would ride it through the summer. The little green gator mini bike from cousin Peter was then being passed onto Emmitt.
It's a cool bike. It's covered in Spiderman and has a web on the seat. It had training wheels on it, until I drug my 4 year old on my 3 mile loop and they literally broke off. That day I also happened to drag daddy on the 3 mile loop. I got stuck in the hunched over, squatting position for the rest of the walk, helping Parker balance all the way home with no training wheels.
We practiced all summer long in the grass, in the driveway, on the road and he would do this diving and flailing arms movement and purposely slam onto the ground. Then he never really wanted to ride the bike at all! He would dig out the gator bike and make Emmitt ride the trike. Well, four days off last week, stuck at home with pink eye, we turned off the TV and played and played and played. We played in the leaves, we worked on potty training Emmitt (AGAIN!) and we learned to ride our big boy bike!
He still needs help starting out. His buddy Jillian put the pressure on him to ride when she came tooling down the street one day on her big girl bike. He managed to listen to her better than anybody for directions. Regan and I took the kids to the Kerry Park outdoor rink minus the ice and let the kids ride all over in there! It was perfect. No cars, no slanted roads, just the open rink to go in circles.
Going, going...
Gone.We worked on this until Daddy got home and then we played a big trick on daddy. I told Parker sternly that he better go show daddy what he did today. Bear wasn't sure what was going on and was sort of freaked out about what might have happened. Parker hopped on his bike, asked for a push and headed out down the driveway and down the road.
Two thumbs up to our little man. Just shy of 5 and he has accomplished so much already.
He's pretty proud of himself too, but nothing comes close to how mommy feels...

Monday, October 18, 2010

more family pics, just a different family....

This Family, one of my sisters families, was very cooperative in the Fall Family Festive Photos! Other than a few scoldings over a stick and a very big river, they were perfect subjects.
This is my sister Debs beautiful family. Her husband Chris, is one of the best brother in laws you could ask for. Emma, who is 14 and Peter who is 10 are 2 great kids! I usually ditch my husband on a Fall weekend to head to Somerset, WI to stay with these guys. My kids adore theirs and it's fun to finally enjoy a glass of wine with my sister without worrying about which kid is going to eat one of the tiny toys or something! They obliged when I asked if I could make them subjects of some family pics. I mean who wouldn't want to get all gussied up on a Sunday morning and head down to the Apple River in the Fall of the year for some (not so painful) family pics? They cooperated and we all enjoyed the outcome of the shots captured.
Every couple should have a picture with their spouse that is recent, and your wedding photo doesn't count!
The kids really do get along this well...for the most part!

The river was raging past them in the background...that's what made it so enticing to Pete! I love how when I said, "crawl up in that tree" they all just listened and did it!
I love that the stick made it in this shot!
One of my faves, well two of my faves...the one above and the one below.

Thanks for the free meals all weekend, the free babysitting you provided Emma and Pete! And you are so very welcome for the's the least I can do.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Family pictures...can be somewhat painful

Family pictures can be somewhat painful. Yes this is true. It depends on the kids and of course the reaction of the parents regarding the kids. In our case, family pictures are always painful. Summer managed to keep her cool with us and actually capture some awesome family shots. Thank you Summer!

A favorite of mine
Bears favorite
Love, love, love that you can see Parker's missing tooth in this picture.
One of my favorites

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dereks pictures one by one

A few are having issues viewing the slide show. You can either click the link below the black box or view them here one by one.