Friday, October 1, 2010

The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and Nothing but the Tooth

Well we should have known that since he was getting another 6 year molar and already had one in that the baby teeth would start to get loose and come out. The first loose tooth started mid September with a bite of a taco. It came out the last day of September.
This tooth was actually the first baby tooth he ever got. Not sure if that's how it really works, but so far it's following a pattern. The one next to it is now loose and that was his second tooth to come in as a baby. Lots of people are saying he is too young to lose teeth, but we're going with the fact that daddy lost his young and it's totally normal. As a baby Parker got teeth left and right, top and bottom. He was 5 months old when the first came in and had all 20 teeth by 18 months! Mommy made him his very own tooth box last weekend at the Lepper's. Every family member has been in his mouth wiggling the tooth, trying to pull it. I got a good hold of it with a washcloth at bath time one night and he saw blood and freaked. So we gave up bugging him about it. Until yesterday when he showed Auntie Tracey his loose tooth. She asked him if she could pull it out. No he said. Can I see it. Yes. He opens his mouth, she grabbed on and yanked it forward and out it popped. Very little blood, a little panic and then pure happiness that he lost his first tooth. He has been showing everybody that will look in his mouth since.
The toothless Wonder
He was pretty excited to head to bed last night wondering all about the little tiny tooth fairy. Lots of questions on if she can carry his tooth or if he'll feel her under his pillow.
He came downstairs this morning and had totally forgot to check the box! I took the liberty to grab my camera, remind him that he should look to see what she left for him in the box.
It was a gold President's dollar coin. He is wanting to bring it to school to show his friends.

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