Monday, October 18, 2010

more family pics, just a different family....

This Family, one of my sisters families, was very cooperative in the Fall Family Festive Photos! Other than a few scoldings over a stick and a very big river, they were perfect subjects.
This is my sister Debs beautiful family. Her husband Chris, is one of the best brother in laws you could ask for. Emma, who is 14 and Peter who is 10 are 2 great kids! I usually ditch my husband on a Fall weekend to head to Somerset, WI to stay with these guys. My kids adore theirs and it's fun to finally enjoy a glass of wine with my sister without worrying about which kid is going to eat one of the tiny toys or something! They obliged when I asked if I could make them subjects of some family pics. I mean who wouldn't want to get all gussied up on a Sunday morning and head down to the Apple River in the Fall of the year for some (not so painful) family pics? They cooperated and we all enjoyed the outcome of the shots captured.
Every couple should have a picture with their spouse that is recent, and your wedding photo doesn't count!
The kids really do get along this well...for the most part!

The river was raging past them in the background...that's what made it so enticing to Pete! I love how when I said, "crawl up in that tree" they all just listened and did it!
I love that the stick made it in this shot!
One of my faves, well two of my faves...the one above and the one below.

Thanks for the free meals all weekend, the free babysitting you provided Emma and Pete! And you are so very welcome for the's the least I can do.

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