Thursday, October 21, 2010

yet another weekend at the shack

Yet another weekend was spent at the shack. I am claiming it official-I am the Queen of packing up for the shack. It's sort of an art and I am going to toot my own horn...I'm good! We usually head down Saturday morning, early-and I am coming off of a shift the night before at the Spot. So I have convinced my hubby to stop by the Coffee Shop for Pumpkin Spice Lattes for us and hot cocoa for the boys.
Violet. Our one and only other girl. We borrow her from Auntie and Uncle and she hangs out with us at the shack all weekend. It's actually hard to get her to go home when we leave, but she eventually realizes we are not there anymore. She's getting fed food right off the floor and positions herself strategically to eat the food the boys "drop".
Gotta have Doritos at the shack. They are the best thing there! I look forward to them each and every weekend.
This washtub has been through 3 generations. It's Bears grandmas. Her kids (my mother in law) have all bathed in it. The nieces and nephews. My husband and his brothers. And now these two. I had been bathing them in the sink tubs and Parker simply outgrew the sink (like awhile ago). So I asked my father in law and he said we have this old tub at the shop. Come to find out it's like 100 years old! Pretty cool. I of course still need to boil the well water and put them in front of the wood burning stove to keep them from freezing, and I still think that's an upgrade from what the previous bathers had.
I snuck up on the boys with Papa Don. They were playing with his hair and making him a moose. I love that they are all sitting on a wire reel. Very appropriate.Papa usually stays all weekend with us. We love it when he does. I make meals ahead of time and try to clean up the shack as best as I can. But we tend the fires together and he makes the best Whiskey Cokes this side of the Black River. He's an extra set of eyes and hands with the boys and it makes our weekends that much easier.Now these jackets tell another story. Different family. These are the Riley jackets. Derek and Nick wore these when they were little. They are now big boys (17 & 15). I can't hardly believe it. I put these jackets on the boys and just sat and looked at how long ago it really was that the "big boys" wore them. Then I sent the picture to their mom, Tammy, and she loved it too.Parker is officially the bird spotter. He thinks it's pretty cool that he and daddy went out hunting and that he spotted a partridge before daddy did. I also was out to impress. Bear hung some cans in a tree just like Milo used to and I peppered the heck out of them! The boys thought it was pretty cool that momma has her own gun and can actually use it! It's also pretty cool that momma had daddy cut off the birds feet and I taught the boys how to pull the tendon to make the toes splay and curl! God gave me boys for a reason!

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