Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hau'oli La Hanau Emike!

Hau'oli La Hanau Emike~Happy Birthday Emmitt
Emmitt enjoyed his cupcake at Stephies. The kids had a blast with the top half of the cupcake. Live and learn mom-kids like chocolate cupcakes even if you prefer vanilla for them simply because it is less messy. I walked in after the party to see many licked off tops and mini umbrellas everywhere! Emmitt just stared at the candle.
I had the luxury of having the day off on Emmitt's birthday. It turned out that we didn't have daycare so I took the day off to hang out with my boys. They had a lot of fun that morning with the decorating. Parker helped in many ways...some times he actually helped and other times he was just in the way.
I was able to keep them busy with the blow up toys and plastic pool though~Parker kept beaking the flamingo. As in, the flamingo makes a beak noise like a duck quacks. I had put water in the bottom section of the palm tree so that when the kids knocked it over it would pop back up. They had fun tackling that.
A little luau decor aka a hammock and some flip flop lights with fake sea creatures can go far
I hung these little fold out fish and sun from the chandelier as Emmitt's Hawaiian mobile
Hau'oli La Hanau Emike~Happy Birthday Emmitt
his own personal beach cake to smash. Complete with graham cracker sand and swedish fish
And the big kahuna cake for the rest of the family. Turned out pretty cute if I say so myself
Pakeli (Parker) with his lei. We worked on saying Aloha all day. I showed him how to put a lei around the new beachcombers neck and say Aloha and give them a kiss on each cheek. So he was our official party greeter. Anytime somebody would come he would go through the role but nothing else. They kept asking for a hug too and he would say "we don't do hugs, just kiss and aloha". Guess I should have said he could ad lib if need be. This is also his new look for me when I take out the camera. Not sure why the squinting but it's what he does.
To keep Emmitt happy until supper I let him play with my cell phone. He immediately put it to his ear and walked around. I think he is calling the drool patrol...those 12 month molars are something fierce! He currently has 3 through and one more right there. He has managed these ones pretty well. Other than the drool and the whiny-mommy-clingy phase we're good!
I found a website that translated all of our names to Hawaiian. So I made Hello, My name is nametags. We stuck Emike's on his back so he would leave it on.
Grandma's Laneki (Janet) and Peki (Peggy)
Papa's Milo (Milo) and Konala (Don)...we kept calling him Canola-Oil for some reason. I really had to look at Milo's name pronunciation, it sounds like Meelo. It was crazy how a lot of our names sounded very similar once translated. Especially the guys'.Auntie Kami (Tammy) and Emmitt dancing and spinning away.
Uncle Palika (Blake) and Emmitt eating the fruit bouquet he gave Casey for Valentine's Day. Huge hit with the kids! He kept calling Emmitt the Hoover, he ate a whole slice of mango and a bunch of grapesPapa Kawika (Dave) and Grandma Aukele (Audrey) with the birthday boy himself. I had to teach mom how to hang-ten. I remember back when I went to Hawaii I was told a story about how the hand gesture came about. It was something about a sugar cane farmer waving at people driving by from the field and he was missing fingers and that is how he waved at people. Just the pinky and I went looking for the origin.
Peki and Milo and Emike
The Ole Ohana (family) please note the squinting 3 year old
Liliana (Jillian) was the balloon collector. She went around to everybody asking and delivering their favorite color. She came all dressed up with a hot pink hula skirt and all.
Emike in the pool awaiting the cake smashing.
Maybe no smashing...yet...just a finger for now.
Okay, now a face full
and the 3 year old decided he should get in the pool with Emmitt and proceed to use his hands to eat cake too!
Blue frosting and note Chocolate cake
the cutest balloon I have ever seen and ridiculously overpriced to fill up with helium.
The whole Ohana~Keleka, Lekana, Liliana =Derek, Regan, Jillian and Brooks-who by the way has the coolest translation of them all...Palokuku! You can tell these two are still in the honeymoon phase. I think they are wishing they really were on a cruise ship on the coast of somewhere beautiful.
Kakei and Palika

The songs playing are for 2 reasons. One, I love the Hawaiian version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World and Two, I had no idea who Don Ho was and that he is obnoxiously famous for Tiny Bubbles. I have been sung that famous line from that song about 100 times in the last 2 weeks, just for not knowing who he was.

Mahalo (Thank You) to all you beachcombers! It was fun to escape the cold for a night, dress up in ridiculous outfits and watch our sweet baby turn one!

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