Tuesday, February 3, 2009

grandma's birthday

my kids (in their matching bibs) shouting "hellllooo down there" through Auntie Tammy's laundry chute. Whatever Parker does, Emmitt does. Emmitt found this little microphone on his toy and starting "singing" in it. He realizes that it's him that is making that echo-y noise and just grins. He copies Parker with a toy truck or car. If he sees a truck, he grabs it, makes a mad dash for the kitchen hardwood floor and hits his knees, instantly making that vrrooom sound.

Hanging with Uncle Scott

My sister just kept saying, "he can't hurt anything here". I think he understood because he immediately went to the bookcase and grabbed a snowman by the jingle bells and proceeded to chew on it.

With the Birthday Girl. We had birthday lunch and dessert to celebrate Grandma Audrey's birthday. Tammy made homemade chicken noodle soup and yummy sandwiches. Mom made her own angel food cake with strawberry or blueberry topping. Emmitt ate 3/4 of a piece or cake! Tammy still has the highchair that Scott and his brothers used so we stick Emmitt in it. It doesn't have a strap, it probably never did, and Emmitt figured that out real quick. He would scoot himself halfway out and then whine at you. I would sit him upright and he would do it over again. So Tams got a belt and we strapped him in. Then he whined because he couldn't do it anymore.

Daddy and Parker wishing Grandma a Happy Birthday.

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