Monday, February 2, 2009

two of them

Our night with the twins was wonderful! I can actually say that and say it honestly.
I got to the house around 4:30 and got the run down of what to expect~and the update of when they slept, ate, pooped etc...Regan showed up a little later and then we had to shoo the parents out of the house. We immediately went into "baby mode". He is waking up, so let's get his bottle warmed up and then change get her down, while I feed him...did you change him or her? We were busy, but baby busy. Lisa and Shawn both use military time to jot down when the babies ate and I immediately told Reg (the math teacher) to write it normal for me or I was gonna spend most of the night subtracting 12 and getting confused.
It really helped to write things down, for us and then for the parents to see what happened while they were gone. It was constant baby all.the.time. Reg would be bouncing one to sleep while I fed the other. We must have looked at the clock 100 times throughout the evening. And trying to keep them straight separately was hard. Did I just change her or him? When did she go down?
All in all, it wasn't hard. Just busy. But we were only there for the baby stuff. I know how busy I am with my two kids-trying to balance it all is hard. I don't know how they get laundry, dinner, shopping, and other stuff done. We were always holding a baby or washing bottles or stuffing our faces with something to eat as fast as possible.
Gwen and Griffin. She is all smiles with these sparkling baby blues. He looks at you like "lady, why do you have that thing in my face". Both very mellow babies. They slept all night, we actually woke them up between 9-10 pm for their last feedings. They are super easy to put to sleep. We all know Grif doesn't love to eat but we managed to get something in him.

I know it won't be our last night of baby sitting. We've got to get them out to a movie or something now! Keep date night going...

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Amy Basaraba said...

Do you and Reagan want to come and babysit in Cloquet? Troy and I could use a date night too...I'm glad that they were good for you.