Monday, February 9, 2009

crazy party planning mom part 2

after having my kids barf all night long and in between loads of laundry I decided to continue with the crazy party mom mode and make cupcakes for daycare! I am bringing them tomorrow since Thursday is the Valentine party and I would like to space out the sweets for the kids (and Steph). I should probably mention that we washed our hands a lot. Barf and daycare cupcakes probably shouldn't be in the same post...but I have zero effort to write any more on barfing. I've had it with the barf!
So I made some warm sandy beaches. Parker got to "hamma-hamma" the graham crackers until they were as small as sand. I baked, frosted, dipped the cupcakes. While daddy set up the beach umbrellas and Parker assembled.
Complete with (an upside down) Swedish fish.
I'll give you one guess as to, who do you think put blue frosting in Emmitt's hair?
Yep! That would be him...

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