Monday, May 30, 2011

it's anything but a diploma

They say "don't blink and he'll be in kindergarten"...well folks in the Fall he will be. We celebrated Parker's preschool graduation last week. He is such a goof ball that I love that I laughed through the ceremony instead of crying! 5 years has blown by so fast, but I know some of the best are yet to come. Can't wait to use the following pictures against him someday...
Parker and Papa Milo. Papa has had the wonderful job of transporting Parker for 2 years. Parker will ride the bus to and from school next year so that means Papa gets to transport Emmitt to preschool! It is time treasured for both of them.
Grandma Audrey came to the special event. She enjoyed the show just as much as I did.
He was a bit excited once it was all over. We enjoyed cookies and juice together. I even got a hug from one of the helpers, thanking me for sharing our little boy with her.
The proud graduate.
He used his scroll as anything but what it was for...
a telescope
a thighmaster
a flirt tool (checking out a cute Pavleck girl-by the way dude, her mom is your teacher next year you might way to behave yourself)
a megaphone
a drum stick
a feather in your cap
When it really is a cap and scroll.
He told us that since he knows all the letters in the alphabet he now gets to go to kindergarten...yes buddy that's all you need to know!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tongue Out T-Ball!

Who knew that T-Ball could be so intense?! Parker has been playing for the Dodgers this year and apparently it has been very intense for him!
I brought my camera the first night of T-ball and when I looked back at the pictures I took, he has his tongue out in almost every single picture!

Batting=tongue out
Getting ready to run from First to Second=Tongue Out
Touching Home plate=tongue out
He can (obviously) get a huge grin in too. I tried to remind my mom and Bear of how great of a ball player I was and got little (if any response) from either of them! T-Ball is in fact about exciting as watching paint dry. But the kid can connect with ball, pretend he is pitching from first base and throw quite straight. In fact, he throws full force no matter the distance you are from least we know how to catch a fast ball from 3 feet away....the other 5 year olds...not so much!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Mothers Day Momma

Parker came home with a handmade mother's day "card" and a marigold in a Dixie cup. The marigold is just greens sticking out of the cup but growing taller daily. His teacher "interviewed" him and below is what his answer's were. I love how he wrote Emmitt or Parker on the card!
For the record I just turned 31 and Bear is the one who makes cookies, I hardly ever do. And I admit I tell my kids to pick up their crap daily. But they are so very quick to compliment me when I am all dressed up. If I have a fancy dress on or just a simple sundress, have a necklace on or change my earrings, they both always say "you look pretty momma"...and I am pretty crazy and goofy and therefore he thinks I make jokes all the time. But most of all I am so very lucky to be momma. And they both know that they will be my babies forever. Parker will tell you "even when I'm like 90, I'll still be your baby"...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

all for The Cure

For the past 10 years I have been rallying and racing and raising money for The Cure. I have participated in many different events and fundraisers in support of Susan G. Komen-for the Cure. This year I plan to Race for the Cure-on Mother's Day, with my mom, sisters Debbie and Tammy, niece Emma and Nephew Peter.
I have painted on my "ta-ta's" and dyed my hair pink...I have raised and challenged others to raise awareness, bring education and help find the cure for this disease that effects so many of the women we love.
In 2011, I added one more to my list: my aunt Kathy, so in honor of many who have fought and survived and for those I will never forget...
Aunt Kathy Braulick-currently fighting
Janet Olson-Mother-in-law
Aunt Jeanne (God mother)
Diane Olek-one of my favorite people and a woman I can tell anything to-she is a fantastic listener and will always give a level headed response
Jeanne Corrin-golfing buddy & great friend
Margo Hell-who left us far too soon
Donna Barg-one fantastic woman with one of the best's contagious and unforgettable
Maxine Werner-24 year survivor who will always support me
Marlene Schol-best (Oz) costume maker I know!
Julie Jaksa-the best bargain hunter ever and most willing to help others
Terri Nagurski-one of the best photographers and funniest "moms" I know
Wendy Mayer-one of the Young and the Breastless that "owns" it
Stacy Litwiller-helped my son with his speech issues and I was in awe of her beauty before and after.
Janet Wagner-who has fought and fought and thanked me for my efforts. She loved the bras that were recognized in the paper and the awareness I bring to early detection.
Update-in Memory of Janet Wagner-who was taken far, far too early from this world because of this disease. She was a strong woman who fought with grace and compassion.
Carol Hauge-a devoted mother and wife and is always looking out for others
Gina Rasmussen-a woman who we will forever be linked with because of "Papa Norm" and we love it!
Lisa Bahr-currently fighting, with grace, strength and beauty
Arlene Julien-another early survivor who continues to amaze me daily
Kathleen Riley-my sister Tammy's mother in law
Ellen Breneman-just fought it this winter with a smile on her face
Last but never the of my best friends and the craziest woman I have ever had the pleasure of staying up all night and dancing with-Becky Glatz
and many, many more...
If you would like to donate to the Race please click the following link...Team Debbie's Angels
...thank you for your support!

I hear Easter Bells a ringin'

Easter weekend was wonderful. The kids had been practicing for weeks with me on a bell program at church and with myself as their "teacher/director" the practices didn't always go off without a hitch. It is hard teaching your own children in a group setting where you are responsible for other children. I had tried to quit my Sunday School teacher position earlier this year and somehow ended up being the director of the Easter program!!!??? The little bells they played were color coded and each child picked a bell (read: fought for the bell color of their choice). I had director cards that had colored ovals on them. Simple: when you see your color ring your bell until I change the card and you no longer see your color. I had Emmitt who is 3 all the way up to a 12 year old girl participating. It was so cute! We performed 2 songs during the church service on Easter morning and it went really well. The church was packed, the kids smiled, I only fumbled one card and everybody enjoyed it. There happened to be a bit of a lull between background music and the kids were to be standing with their bells on their bellies or against their legs to not ring while waiting. A few of them just couldn't stand the silence. It was priceless to see their faces when they rang their bell in a silent church only to be rewarded with chuckles from the congregation. A-Dor-A-BLE!!!!