Monday, May 30, 2011

it's anything but a diploma

They say "don't blink and he'll be in kindergarten"...well folks in the Fall he will be. We celebrated Parker's preschool graduation last week. He is such a goof ball that I love that I laughed through the ceremony instead of crying! 5 years has blown by so fast, but I know some of the best are yet to come. Can't wait to use the following pictures against him someday...
Parker and Papa Milo. Papa has had the wonderful job of transporting Parker for 2 years. Parker will ride the bus to and from school next year so that means Papa gets to transport Emmitt to preschool! It is time treasured for both of them.
Grandma Audrey came to the special event. She enjoyed the show just as much as I did.
He was a bit excited once it was all over. We enjoyed cookies and juice together. I even got a hug from one of the helpers, thanking me for sharing our little boy with her.
The proud graduate.
He used his scroll as anything but what it was for...
a telescope
a thighmaster
a flirt tool (checking out a cute Pavleck girl-by the way dude, her mom is your teacher next year you might way to behave yourself)
a megaphone
a drum stick
a feather in your cap
When it really is a cap and scroll.
He told us that since he knows all the letters in the alphabet he now gets to go to kindergarten...yes buddy that's all you need to know!

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