Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tongue Out T-Ball!

Who knew that T-Ball could be so intense?! Parker has been playing for the Dodgers this year and apparently it has been very intense for him!
I brought my camera the first night of T-ball and when I looked back at the pictures I took, he has his tongue out in almost every single picture!

Batting=tongue out
Getting ready to run from First to Second=Tongue Out
Touching Home plate=tongue out
He can (obviously) get a huge grin in too. I tried to remind my mom and Bear of how great of a ball player I was and got little (if any response) from either of them! T-Ball is in fact about exciting as watching paint dry. But the kid can connect with ball, pretend he is pitching from first base and throw quite straight. In fact, he throws full force no matter the distance you are from him...at least we know how to catch a fast ball from 3 feet away....the other 5 year olds...not so much!

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