Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mom’s Guide to a Busy Summer

Basketball Camp
June 9-12 (Tuesday-Friday)
9-11:30 am grades 1-4
12-2:30 grades 5-8
$60 each child
Check payable to Rec Department and youth or adult shirt size specified.
Mail to: Recreation Department
c/o Basketball camp
1515 11th Street
Int’l Falls, MN 56649

Swim Lessons
Session 1 June 15-26
Session 2 July 6-17
Monday-Friday for 2 weeks in the morning
Community Education: 283-2571, Ext 186
Golf Lessons Junior Clinics
Falls Country Club 218-283-4491
June 8-10
June 29-July 1
July 20-22
$45 per child
8-11 am
Clubs available, call Tom or the Country Club to sign up

Rec Hockey Camp

Backus Summer Arts and Prairie Fire Theatre
June 15-20th
Get on the website for a list and get your pickings in EARLY! They are limited and fill up fast!
Play is on Saturday June 20th Tom Sawyer is this year’s performance.

The U Athletic Camp with Evolve U
16 Sessions
June 22-July 2nd
July 20-30th
Grades 1-3
College for Kids
July 20-30th
Contact: Dawn Flesland
Schedule coming soon.

Falls Summer Reading Program

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Program | Emmitt Style

I was invited to a special "orange" carpet event today in Emmitt's classroom. Mrs. Dowty is a fantastic teacher who pushes the kids to try their best and then to go a little farther. She was amazing with Parker and created a wonderful year for Emmitt. 

She had all of the kids draw a picture of their mom and then write about them each day. Their writing reflected their reading and it was amazing to witness what those kids have to say about us moms. I will admit I was half expecting something like, "my mom only wears yoga pants" or "if my mom had more time she would play on her phone" or worse, "my mom yells all the time." But that little dude of mine does realize that I love to snuggle him and read to him and help him with homework.
Here is what Emmitt had to say wrote about me..."My mom's name is Becky. She has brown eyes like me. She is tall. She has red and yellow hair. She works at VNP. My mom does my laundry for me. She helps me clean my room with me. She helps me do my homework with me. She takes me to Subway. She took me when I got my tonsils out. My mom makes the best lettece because it is made of lettece. She puts on Ranch dressing with tomatoes and croutons. I love my mom."
I say wrote and not read because my baby, my tender hearted boy got to the part about our eyes being the same and lost it. His little lip started to quiver, his voice cracked and he just couldn't do it. I lasted through the next line as Mrs. Dowty read his words to me and I scrambled up to the front of the room. He just stared at the floor as she read for him and I rubbed his back. When she ended with, "I love my mom" he let me hug him and pick him up. Now, he was the first speaker of the day in the crowded room, but he's read at church and performed before. I'm not sure if it really was "all the people" as he says or if it was actually him being vulnerable and opening up in front of all his classmates. I mean, if I had to get up and speak to a crowd about how much I loved my mom, I would be crying too. He let me carry him back to his seat and he let me soothe him and hold him. After a few of the other kids read to their moms he let me return to my chair.
We finished the program with him receiving a Magnificent  Mathematician award and some treats. And this was the one time that I actually took advantage of the "optional release." I'm always the mom rushing back to work and making my kid ride the bus home. We talked on the way to the car about how he was feeling and then we snuggled a bit more at home.
My sweet, sweet boy. My baby. My seven year old. My tender hearted little man. I love you and am so proud to be your momma.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day. A day to celebrate my mom, my mother-in-law, being a mom, my sisters...all moms. 
It all started with this pretty lady. We spent the day hanging out, eating a yummy brunch and finished it with game night. We laughed, we talked, we hugged and kissed. My boys loved up on me and I got to love up on the mom's in my life.
The five of us all together doesn't happen very often, but when it does I refuse to pass up a group pic. And because I'm the baby, I always get my way... 
Thank you all for teaching me to be a strong, loving, affectionate mom...I learn from the best...xoxo