Sunday, July 27, 2008


go back to 2003, Spring, when I took a quilting class. Beginning Machine Quilting. I paid for the class...actually I think Bear paid for me to go as a birthday present...but anyways, so the class was maybe a couple hundred dollars, then I had to buy all the material to make the quilt, all the tools, scissors, mats, cutting guide thingy, and of course the sewing machine I was operating on wasn't cutting it, so I bought a new one of those too. I think the class was something like 6 or 8 weeks, one night-about 4 hours-a week. I went to every single class and never could get the thing done. Each week we learned how to quilt a different block-log cabin, flying geese, applique etc...again this was Beginning Machine Quilting. Well after the class finished I of course was left with this half completed quilt...and it sat for 5 long years. Every winter I would dig it out, read the "manual" from class and try to pick up where I left can do. Until this year! I drug the thing out and started talking about it to my quilting ladies at work. All agreed the class should not have been called Beginning . I got it all put together and found a gracious woman to "do the binding" for me and then she had it quilted...the woman who quilted it actually picked Falling Leaves as the stitching pattern and it completed the look of my quilt-perfectly. This winter I don't have to go to the closest and dig out that unfinished project...I love the feeling of accomplishment. I guess I could have bought a beautiful quilt for $700-1,000, but where's the fun in that?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Which one?

Okay, opinions needed from you blog readers...

Parker is going to be ring bearer in Casey and Blake's wedding-September 6th. We have acquired a tuxedo, miniature size, and it comes with two options. The first being a bow tie and cummerbund and the second being a tie and vest. The "guys" of the wedding are wearing the tie and vest.

Anyways, here are a few pics...
Bow Tie with cummerbund and jacket

bow tie cummerbund no jacket

tie and vest no jacket-the kid has a million faces

vest and tie

tie and vest with jacket

now, obviously he will have to wear the jacket for the wedding and pictures but most likely won't wear it all night. I am going to have to come up with an idea to keep that white shirt tucked in...any ideas there would be appreciated too!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I love how Emmitt is a foot baby. I was so naive with Parker...I just assumed all babies played with their feet and Parker never did. Emmitt can't get enough of them! If he has access to them, they are instantly in his mouth. It is just too cute!

Parker holding his brother...Emmitt looking really excited about that idea.
If it's not his foot in his mouth, it's a finger or the whole hand.
Parker hanging out in the chair
Tummy time

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Feeding the Chippies

We took our first trip up to Sha-Sha Sunday night. We told Parker he could go and feed the chippies. Somehow he started talking about them biting him...not sure what brought that on, seeing as he has never been bitten by one. But I kept reassuring him, they don't bite (and prayed that he actually didn't get bitten now!) So we took the car ride up and over the hills, I taught Parker how to put his hands in the air over the hills and he said that his tummy felt silly. Funny how those hills can do that to you. He giggled the whole time over the hills. We got there and bought an overpriced bag of peanuts and headed outside. He of course was a little skittish but fed the chippies. He thought it was cool that daddy and mommy could make the kissing sound to get the chippies to come and eat. He kept trying but couldn't. He never did let one eat the peanut out of his hand but made sure when they were close enough to shout "over here chippie, eat the peanut!". Which of course made the chipmunks go running in the opposite direction. Anyways, it was fun and a trip well worth it.
Mommy and Parker
trying to kiss to get the chippie's attention
a chippie stuffing his cheeks
sitting on the big chippie
Here chippie chippie chippie

Monday, July 14, 2008

Watch Me Grow Month Five

Month 5

I had to get a picture of you in the sweater that Auntie Tammy knitted for Parker at this age. I know what you are thinking-a wool sweater in July?-well we live in the tundra and it was 40 something this morning-that constitutes sweater wearing!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fourth of July

Parker and Emma in the pool. Parker can swim all by himself with the assistance of a noodle.

Derek, every picture I have taken of Derek (who is 15) in the last 2 years...looks like this!

Casey, Parker and Blake playing in the Sandbox

Jillian and Parker at the Parade

Papa Milo and Emmitt, enjoying my new furniture that Milo built for me.

Peggy, Linda and mom relaxing after waaaaaaaaaaay too much food

Parker with his flag "tatoo" he called it

Emmitt and Auntie Tammy

Do I have something on my lips?? A star "kiss"

Parker checking out his lips in the mirror

Peter-sort of ticked off about having a cast now and wanting to go into the pool

Monday, July 7, 2008

Come, Be Baptized

Casey, Jonny, Pastor, Mommy, Daddy & Emmitt
Godfather Jon and "Fairy" Godmother & Emmitt
Mommy, Daddy, and the Happy Boy!
Pastor Tom and Emmitt Jon
My Sleepy baby-looks like an angel
Such a big boy...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day at the Races

With daycare buddy-Maddy

I have to pee mom!

And they're off

Ooooh, this is fun

Go Parker, go!

Go get 'em daddy

home stretch...

got a ribbon-a blue one

and a Gatorade

Mama and Emmitt

Where am I?

Mom and I walked the 2nd Annual Bronco 5K Fun Run/Walk. We did it last year together with Parker in the stroller and me newly pregnant-walked it in 47 minutes. This year we shaved 5 minutes off our time and added Emmitt into the stroller. Both kids slept almost the whole walk.

Debs was supposed to have done it with us also but Peter broke his arm and they came all the way up north just to spend a day in Duluth.

Parker ran the 1/2 mile kid race again this year. Last year I got to carry him part way around, this year I made daddy do it! He was so proud to get a ribbon and Gatorade when he finished. And of course the cookies, oranges, bananas for treats. And of course the outhouse! As you can see, he had to pee before the race. He must have been nervous!