Wednesday, July 2, 2008

They're Here!

Okay, almost a month old but I went and took my own pictures, so They're Here (again). Sooo tiny. They are up for the fourth and I got to see them. I got to briefly hold little Lauren and when I say little, I mean little. They are both back up to their birth weights which is great! They make Emmitt look like a giant! So sweet and squeaky still. I forget how that little whimper changes so fast.
(not sure why these posted sideways, obviously with the way I took the picture...)
Sweet Lauren, now those are mommy's lips. So petite.
Landon, just kicking back taking a nap with one arm behind his head.
Miss Lauren
The Lip Man-Landon. He looks like a little man and mommy does the comb over on his hair. What a set of lips! Those are NOT mom's!

Congratulations to Amy and Troy on the Arrival of their twins:
Landon James and Lauren Ellen born June 9, 2008

19.5 inches
8:24 am

19.5 inches
8:26 am


beanski said...

YEAH! I've been wondering about Amy. A lot. Little peanuts are about the same size as Renee was. I NEED to hold them. Like yesterday.

Did everything go OK? Did she have them naturally?

Davina & JP said...

Hurray, I knew it would be soon, but I wasn't sure when. My mom thought they already came, but I figured I'd hear it from you first. Twins, how exciting!

FamilyGus said...

How exciting and they were born on Karlie's birthday!

Amy Basaraba said...

I'm back at work...You are making me miss them. Only three weeks and then I will be home. They are beautiful babies.