Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Kids

When I say Emmitt is an easy baby, I mean it...I can put him to bed awake and he puts himself to sleep. He is content to play on the floor or in a toy and he occasionally he does this...

And Parker can keep entertain himself with just about a kitty litter box! He said it was his boat, got a piece of string and pretended he was fishing. His new thing is to say goodbye to everybody and pretend he is off to work, or to play golf, or to a hockey or baseball game. Then he comes back and reports how it went...I scored two goals or my ball was in the water "like mommy's" (little turkey, every time he asks how I golfed he asked if my ball went in the it did that one time when he was with me!).

They are 2 happy kids!

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FamilyGus said...

Looks like the Jumparoo was put to good use! Tanner did that too.