Saturday, July 26, 2008

Which one?

Okay, opinions needed from you blog readers...

Parker is going to be ring bearer in Casey and Blake's wedding-September 6th. We have acquired a tuxedo, miniature size, and it comes with two options. The first being a bow tie and cummerbund and the second being a tie and vest. The "guys" of the wedding are wearing the tie and vest.

Anyways, here are a few pics...
Bow Tie with cummerbund and jacket

bow tie cummerbund no jacket

tie and vest no jacket-the kid has a million faces

vest and tie

tie and vest with jacket

now, obviously he will have to wear the jacket for the wedding and pictures but most likely won't wear it all night. I am going to have to come up with an idea to keep that white shirt tucked in...any ideas there would be appreciated too!


Amanda said...

vest and tie! cute!

FamilyGus said...

They are both adorable on Parker, but I'm a sucker for a cute little boy with a bow tie. I would love to find a bow tie outfit for Tanner...he's already got the sweater vest combo. I think it's just something a mother has to do!

Davina & JP said...

Definately with the vest. I love all of his facial expressions, and he looks great in each of the outfits, but i think he looks best with the vest, with or without the jacket.

Anonymous said...

vest and tie...Deb