Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Feeding the Chippies

We took our first trip up to Sha-Sha Sunday night. We told Parker he could go and feed the chippies. Somehow he started talking about them biting him...not sure what brought that on, seeing as he has never been bitten by one. But I kept reassuring him, they don't bite (and prayed that he actually didn't get bitten now!) So we took the car ride up and over the hills, I taught Parker how to put his hands in the air over the hills and he said that his tummy felt silly. Funny how those hills can do that to you. He giggled the whole time over the hills. We got there and bought an overpriced bag of peanuts and headed outside. He of course was a little skittish but fed the chippies. He thought it was cool that daddy and mommy could make the kissing sound to get the chippies to come and eat. He kept trying but couldn't. He never did let one eat the peanut out of his hand but made sure when they were close enough to shout "over here chippie, eat the peanut!". Which of course made the chipmunks go running in the opposite direction. Anyways, it was fun and a trip well worth it.
Mommy and Parker
trying to kiss to get the chippie's attention
a chippie stuffing his cheeks
sitting on the big chippie
Here chippie chippie chippie

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