Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Family Snowshoe

A Sunday afternoon in mid-April. What to do, what to do? Snowshoe! We ventured out to the Oberholtzer Trail in Voyageurs National Park for a 3 hour adventure. Most of it was spent on the trail actually snowshoeing. The other part was spent inside the Visitor's Center making bead bracelts, coloring and finding Parker's Art Contest entry. It was a gorgeous sunny day that was calling for 8 inches of snow later on.
Daddy and Emmitt. Emmitt was less than excited towards the end of the hike. He started saying "I just can't take another step," to be followed by flopping in the snow and getting his snowshoes tangled up. Dad reminded us all that the kids are not ready to walk around Disney World for awhile.
Mommy and Parker. My big guy has long enough arms to be the button pusher on the self shots! He was a trooper. Running, sliding, falling down hills and looking for tracks everywhere.
My mountain man. He thought this tree was so cool. It's crazy how different the same trail looks in different seasons. I walk this trail in the Fall a lot with the kids while Bear is hunting. And in the winter I am so used to skiing, mainly with my head down, that I forget to look around me. Snowshoeing lets you look while you walk.
Emmitt getting a lesson on what mouse tracks look like.
I am pretty sure this feather came out of one of our jackets (from a hole Bella bit in it), but Parker assured us it was squirrel fur!
The fallen leaves left their mark in the snow.
A couple of snowshoes
We are getting pretty good at this whole self timer shooting. 
Our Family shot
One bummer about being in a Park is the boys had to resist climbing this fallen tree. It had the perfect limbs and just a tiny angle. One reminder of why they can't and they kept on walking.

One hazard of snowshoeing in April is some of it isn't covered in snow anymore.

What's a hike without a stop on our favorite bench to snack?
He actually launched a pretty good one at me!

More tracking. We saw some dog/cat like prints that were pretty big, but didn't break through the snow crust. Bear is really good at identifying what all tracks are. But this one had us stumped. I asked at work yesterday and was told Bobcat tracks have been spotted on the trail recently. I made sure I told the boys right away!
What made this big hole? Parker knew the answer! Everything is an adventure with kids. I love that mine enjoy exploring them!
Even with the random complaints about tired feet and wet snowpants, the kids did great. We are on a mission to do all kinds of fun things that are available to us in our own "back yard."

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

They are still stuck on Easter songs...but it's just so cute, I have to share it.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

16 Years...Half way point

April 3rd bring 2 happy things to my mind. For one...it is my sister Debs birthday and for two, it marks the anniversary of my first date with Barrett. I am at the half way point in my life. Half of my life has been spent with this incredible man.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Hear Easter Bells a Ringing!

Here is the kids' Easter program!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mom's Retirement Party

January 3rd marked the end of a 34 year career with the National Park Service for my mom. 34 years in the same place. She truly was the face and voice of Voyageurs. I had my first 6 months with her and I am forever grateful of what she taught me. Not just in the beginning of my new career but my work ethic, my perseverance, my positive outlook and my willingness to learn.
A simple party with great coworkers, family and friends-some from the yester-years, was the perfect send off to her.

April Fool's!

In my best attempt at an April Fool's joke on the kids...I made Jello and put a straw in it. Then I served them "juice" as a snack. As I walked to the table to give it to them, I "tripped" and screamed and spilled the cups on the table. Emmitt looked at me and didn't even notice the cup and Parker jumped! It was pretty funny. Then I shouted "April Fool's" and then the peals of laughter followed.

Parker immediately started spinning his wheels on how to trick me. About 5 minutes later I was called to the garage door due to a "wild, ferocious cat" running around in the garage. When I opened the door, I see a fake snake and rat sitting on the steps. I run screaming down the hallway as he chases after me, saying "April Fool's!"

Emmitt starts in with anything silly and made up, only to be followed with his cuteness and saying "April Fooled, Ya!"

Fun, fun day...I am pretty sure that the snake and the rat are in my bed. I sit here typing, hoping Barrett goes to bed first and finds them. Only to be followed by waking up to find that the underwear he didn't grab this morning, are all sewn together...courtesy of yours truly and the eldest son!

Happy April Fooled Ya Day!