Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's!

In my best attempt at an April Fool's joke on the kids...I made Jello and put a straw in it. Then I served them "juice" as a snack. As I walked to the table to give it to them, I "tripped" and screamed and spilled the cups on the table. Emmitt looked at me and didn't even notice the cup and Parker jumped! It was pretty funny. Then I shouted "April Fool's" and then the peals of laughter followed.

Parker immediately started spinning his wheels on how to trick me. About 5 minutes later I was called to the garage door due to a "wild, ferocious cat" running around in the garage. When I opened the door, I see a fake snake and rat sitting on the steps. I run screaming down the hallway as he chases after me, saying "April Fool's!"

Emmitt starts in with anything silly and made up, only to be followed with his cuteness and saying "April Fooled, Ya!"

Fun, fun day...I am pretty sure that the snake and the rat are in my bed. I sit here typing, hoping Barrett goes to bed first and finds them. Only to be followed by waking up to find that the underwear he didn't grab this morning, are all sewn together...courtesy of yours truly and the eldest son!

Happy April Fooled Ya Day!

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