Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Naughty Doodle

I couldn't make this up if I tried. I spent the better part of my weekend digging through frozen dog crap to recover $250 in cash that WASN'T mine! Thank God for copious amounts of coconut oil and rubber gloves. And thank you of course to the Hockey parents who are understanding enough to rewrite me checks. I hope the folks at Bremer are ready for me.
 And yeah, a few people had to re-write me checks. Funny thing is she didn't eat any of the checks, she just ripped a few up and left them. But she did eat the baggie AND the list of who paid!!
Getting down and dirty and tromping through the snow in the backyard to find the treasure!
Now that is what you call "cold hard cash!"

Here I went into Bremer with my hockey mom gloves on, doggy bag, crapped on cash and Thieves hand sanitizer! Got almost all of the money deposited. Unfortunately you need the face on the bill and Bella ate the face of a $20 and too much on a $50. Never did find the other part of the $50. So I will just be making a donation to I Falls Rec Hockey!

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