Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We ring in each new year with a family tradition. NERF gun fight. We're talking all out, moving furniture, creating barricades, extra nerf bullets and sunglasses as goggles. 

We usually start out with a nice fancy dinner...complete with king crab legs and champagne. My hubby LOVES New Year's Eve. I don't think we have ever gone out to celebrate. As long as I can remember we've done this. The Nerf guns came in once the boys were older though.

The boys love crab legs. We go all out and have the butter, the cracking tools, the extra nice napkins and dig in. Parker is almost 100% on his own getting the meat out of the shell but Emmitt still needs extra help.

The boys made each of us little table tents with our names on them. Added an extra nice touch to our setting.

Once our bellies are full we gear up in the living room and begin the fight. This year the boys found the canned air for cleaning out the computer keyboard and used it up as poisonous knock out gas. Love the creativity!

This is sweet Emmitt showing me his "angry eyes."

Talk about taking one in the eye!

Happy New Year from our crazy family to yours!

Welcome to 2015!

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