Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day at the Races

With daycare buddy-Maddy

I have to pee mom!

And they're off

Ooooh, this is fun

Go Parker, go!

Go get 'em daddy

home stretch...

got a ribbon-a blue one

and a Gatorade

Mama and Emmitt

Where am I?

Mom and I walked the 2nd Annual Bronco 5K Fun Run/Walk. We did it last year together with Parker in the stroller and me newly pregnant-walked it in 47 minutes. This year we shaved 5 minutes off our time and added Emmitt into the stroller. Both kids slept almost the whole walk.

Debs was supposed to have done it with us also but Peter broke his arm and they came all the way up north just to spend a day in Duluth.

Parker ran the 1/2 mile kid race again this year. Last year I got to carry him part way around, this year I made daddy do it! He was so proud to get a ribbon and Gatorade when he finished. And of course the cookies, oranges, bananas for treats. And of course the outhouse! As you can see, he had to pee before the race. He must have been nervous!

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