Sunday, July 27, 2008


go back to 2003, Spring, when I took a quilting class. Beginning Machine Quilting. I paid for the class...actually I think Bear paid for me to go as a birthday present...but anyways, so the class was maybe a couple hundred dollars, then I had to buy all the material to make the quilt, all the tools, scissors, mats, cutting guide thingy, and of course the sewing machine I was operating on wasn't cutting it, so I bought a new one of those too. I think the class was something like 6 or 8 weeks, one night-about 4 hours-a week. I went to every single class and never could get the thing done. Each week we learned how to quilt a different block-log cabin, flying geese, applique etc...again this was Beginning Machine Quilting. Well after the class finished I of course was left with this half completed quilt...and it sat for 5 long years. Every winter I would dig it out, read the "manual" from class and try to pick up where I left can do. Until this year! I drug the thing out and started talking about it to my quilting ladies at work. All agreed the class should not have been called Beginning . I got it all put together and found a gracious woman to "do the binding" for me and then she had it quilted...the woman who quilted it actually picked Falling Leaves as the stitching pattern and it completed the look of my quilt-perfectly. This winter I don't have to go to the closest and dig out that unfinished project...I love the feeling of accomplishment. I guess I could have bought a beautiful quilt for $700-1,000, but where's the fun in that?

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Davina & JP said...

It looks great! If you ever need help, my mom is really into quilting and would love to help you! Once she sends it to me I'll have to show you the quilt she made for me. She also has made me a xmas tree skirt, table cloths, runners etc. She is crazy about it and can probably help you with whatever your class didn't teach you.