Sunday, May 1, 2011

I hear Easter Bells a ringin'

Easter weekend was wonderful. The kids had been practicing for weeks with me on a bell program at church and with myself as their "teacher/director" the practices didn't always go off without a hitch. It is hard teaching your own children in a group setting where you are responsible for other children. I had tried to quit my Sunday School teacher position earlier this year and somehow ended up being the director of the Easter program!!!??? The little bells they played were color coded and each child picked a bell (read: fought for the bell color of their choice). I had director cards that had colored ovals on them. Simple: when you see your color ring your bell until I change the card and you no longer see your color. I had Emmitt who is 3 all the way up to a 12 year old girl participating. It was so cute! We performed 2 songs during the church service on Easter morning and it went really well. The church was packed, the kids smiled, I only fumbled one card and everybody enjoyed it. There happened to be a bit of a lull between background music and the kids were to be standing with their bells on their bellies or against their legs to not ring while waiting. A few of them just couldn't stand the silence. It was priceless to see their faces when they rang their bell in a silent church only to be rewarded with chuckles from the congregation. A-Dor-A-BLE!!!!

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