Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Mothers Day Momma

Parker came home with a handmade mother's day "card" and a marigold in a Dixie cup. The marigold is just greens sticking out of the cup but growing taller daily. His teacher "interviewed" him and below is what his answer's were. I love how he wrote Emmitt or Parker on the card!
For the record I just turned 31 and Bear is the one who makes cookies, I hardly ever do. And I admit I tell my kids to pick up their crap daily. But they are so very quick to compliment me when I am all dressed up. If I have a fancy dress on or just a simple sundress, have a necklace on or change my earrings, they both always say "you look pretty momma"...and I am pretty crazy and goofy and therefore he thinks I make jokes all the time. But most of all I am so very lucky to be momma. And they both know that they will be my babies forever. Parker will tell you "even when I'm like 90, I'll still be your baby"...

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