Thursday, February 12, 2009

sooo big and peekaboo

Emmitt is really into the "games" you play with babies. this is him doing soooooo big! he loves it! He stretches way up high and then waits for you to tickle his armpits.
His other favorite game is peek-a-boo. He covers his eyes and then just giggles when he uncovers and you say peek-a-boo.
He actually waits for you to say where did Emmitt go? and then the big reveal
There he is! Like it was this big mystery. We are usually playing this at the table while we eat. He does it for Parker too, which is so cute to see those two interact that way.
I have been trying to get him to put that little finger up for how old are you? are you one? But nope, he will not do it. I even try to get him to point to things to stick up that finger so it looks like he is saying "I'm one"...(which is what Parker did). But nope...all I got was this

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