Thursday, April 14, 2011

shoveling in sandals

The boys quickly figured out that if they broke apart the snow it melted faster. Saturday brought us 60 degrees so they justified sandals, shorts and shovels.
Emmitt also found the Easter hat that is size 0. He has been wearing it day and night. Literally, he wears it to bed and wakes up with it on.
The boys also figured out if they moved the sump pump hose everyday it melted a new patch of snow in the front yard. Parker then decided to turn the hose on in the back yard (without me knowing it). Bear was gone last week for the Frozen Four and one night I kept hearing this noise in my house. Almost like water running. So I check all the toilets, run downstairs and stare at my ceiling wondering where the heck that noise is coming from. By 10 o'clock I figure out that the noise is coming from the hose running outside. For 5 hours! 5 hours of full blast hose running in my back yard!!! The kid didn't even have it in a patch of snow.

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