Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Momma

Happy Birthday to Me! We had such a great day together celebrating my 31st birthday. Bear grilled homemade burgers, California style, per my request and homemade fries. YUM! It was delightful. I had set a cake mix, eggs, oil, pan, frosting, beaters, etc...on the stove earlier in the week hoping somebody would make my cake, other than myself. Nobody did, but he did bring home a store bought cake that was delicious. They put 17 candles on my cake, that's all we had in the cupboard (and I didn't object), and sang to me. The boys helped me blow out the candles and made wishes with me.
The Bear toasted me with a large glass of wine and we had a great evening together. The boys and I pulled out all the past birthday decorations and made the house look so special. I had the camera out on the tripod and the boys were taking pictures of us...some turned out pretty cute!

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