Sunday, April 3, 2011

the day we played hookie

Bear and I played hookie from work a couple of weeks ago. He asked me on a day date and we went out ice fishing. We dropped the kids off at daycare and headed out. Bear offered to pack the lunch and I simply said whatever you pack, I'll eat. We grabbed some supplies from the bait shop and tried to find a solid ice road. The first road was not what we considered safe so we went out past Island View.
We got a good ways out on the ice by carefully steering to keep the truck in the previous trucks ruts. We finally see a few houses and trucks and breathe a sigh of relief. Bear decides to pull off and set up. Well he pulled off the road a little too early and we got stuck. A bit of panic sets in for me as I hang my head out the open window wondering what the heck we do next. A few minutes of rocking the truck back and forth and we see another truck coming up behind us and the nice stranger offers to pull us out. THANK YOU NICE MAN! We go approximately another 25 yards and it's the glare sheet of ice that we should have pulled off on...not the 2 feet of slush that pulls you all over the place! Griswolds.
We decided not to set up the fish house, it was gorgeous out, a little windy, but nice enough to stand on the ice all day. Bear drills the holes for us, baits our hooks and we wait. Literally, we wait all day. I got one bite, didn't set the hook properly and the fish got away. That was the only bite
The hubs clearly enjoying his day date with his wife. He served me PB&J sandwiches and FunYuns. It was perfect. I had to "make" the lunch he packed but it was still perfect. We ate sunflower seeds all day and spit the shells on the ice. We would hang out in the truck if the wind got too cold. We would sit and watch the lines for any action.
The queen hanging out on her throne.
Since we didn't use the minnows what else do you do with them? You have two options: 1) dump them down the hole for the fish to eat for free and reward them for not biting our hook or 2) take the home for your kids and let them play with them in the tub until they all die. We obviously picked option 2.
When the minnows "went to sleep" we would just flush them. It was hours of fun.
Even though we didn't catch any fish, we had a great day spending time together, talking without interruptions and simply hanging out. We forget how important it is to do, but so worth it when the rare moment comes along.

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