Thursday, April 7, 2011

2nd Annual Father's Fishing Trip

Last year was the 1st Annual Father's Fishing Trip and the tradition continued this year. It has turned into a great Christmas gift for these guys. Again, 5 am they were on the road. This year they were able to get away during the middle of the week (must be nice). But it was a great reward for Bear to have completed the VNP building and be able to take a breather for a guys weekend.
Another year older and baiting his own hook. He insisted on wearing "the glove" though each time he did it. But he got the minnow on the hook properly all by himself!
Daddy and Parker were able to spend some one on one together again. It's nice for Emmitt and Mommy at home too. The fish houses were a bit away from each other this year. Last year they were all in one, this year it was a bit different and they were in 2 houses.
Parker would run between the 2 houses all day long visiting the different "fathers".
They did manage to catch a few fish each day, but the fishing is down all over the place, so it was to be expected. It makes the trip that much longer when the fish aren't biting but it's still so special.
"Harry" and Parker again. I cannot remember what this guys name is, but he remembered Parker from last year and Parker remembers him. Well, all but his name. He said, it's Harry, because he has a lot of hair. But this guy drives the Bombardier on the ice and transports you to your fish house.
Papa Milo and his little buddy fishing.
Parker with all the fish. Once again, he reeled them all in and therefore believes he "caught" them all.
Harry, Parker and Bear. This year the guys stayed in a cabin on land. I am beginning to think that Harry may be part of the family also.
Parker and daddy hanging out on the couch at the cabin. Doesn't get much better than this!Well maybe it does. How about you add a Superman cape, a bag of chips and a pop? Yeah that's more like it!
The guys spent a couple of days fishing and enjoyed each others company. It is a great time for all of us involved. I am all for pulling my kid out of school for a couple of days to subject him to the great outdoors and to be with family. It is the chance of a lifetime to be able to spend quality time with these very important men in his life. Time we won't ever be able to get back and time worth making time for!

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