Thursday, January 28, 2010

dedicated or goofy in the head?

My sister Tammy and I have been so dedicated to skiing in the mornings. We meet each other just before 6 am on the trail complete with headlamps strapped on. We both admit that we do better at getting out of bed when we know that the other is waiting for us. Well last Monday when we got dumped on, it was 30 degrees outside and we thought we would check and see if our trail survived the ice and snow. This is what we found when we went out that morning.

We could not believe that the snow could weigh down tree branches that much. They covered the trail and we could not get through unless we whacked the trees back to life. We would refer to our ski poles as our magic wands that would awake our sleeping trees. It was absolutely gorgeous out that morning and worth the trip out. We completed one lap on our trail in the time it usually takes us to do three! We felt pretty good about our work on the trail. Little did we know that the next afternoon when the groomer came to the trail that we actually saved the ski trail by getting the trees up out of the way! I talked to the groomer and he actually had to cut trees down to clear the trail wide enough to make a pass. We were a little biased when we cleared the trail and only stuck to one side of the trail where we normally ski classical. The middle and far side where the skate skiers go is non-functioning right now unless we get a ton of more snow. Karma.

We have a blast skiing together and don't whine every time the snow falls. I find myself smiling when I go out from work and see the new fresh snow...

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