Sunday, January 10, 2010

the boys...

As I sit here and type this, the boys are currently outside playing. I absolutely love our backyard. The huge fence, the rink, the hills we made for sledding and this awesome weather we are having! I can actually turn them loose together and they simply just play. Emmitt is old enough to play and Parker is old enough to stay safe. It's perfect.
We have hosted many hockey games in the backyard. On boots or skates it doesn't matter but it sure has been fun. The boys last awhile in their skates but then inevitably want their boots on. I did eventually put on my skates and after about 20 minutes my feet hurt...I retreated to my boots too! Anytime we go out to play hockey, Parker wants to be the goalie. As much as we try to deter that he keeps ending up at the end of the rink. I am a believer in "let your kids do what they want"...unless it's be a goalie!
Emmitt is a trooper outside. He might be the one who loves it the most. He follows Parker around, just copying whatever he does. Parker has figured that out pretty fast too. When it starts getting dark out the motion light comes on. I taught Parker to "trip" the light when it goes off by walking in front of it. Well he did it and then he showed Emmitt how to do it. So I look out and there are little Emmitt tracks to and from the light. By the time he would walk all the way back to playing the light would be off again and Parker would tell him to do it again!
Emmitt got on skates Christmas weekend. It was pretty fun to see him actually stay upright. He would march on the ice if we asked him to. It's like watching him learn how to walk all over again. He was so proud of himself when he actually made it to the other parent with arms open and waiting.

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