Thursday, June 24, 2010

the little black dress

5 years ago today, our girl Davina got married. She lived in Vegas at the time and Elvis didn't marry her and JP. They simply called to tell us they were getting married the next day. It was going to be a quiet, justice of the peace deal. No big deal, no party, no dance, no parents, you get the idea. But, they planned on having the wedding the next year, on their one year anniversary-which fell on a Saturday. Davina, being an only child, the only daughter her parents would ever have, can imagine the freaking out that was going on. Once we all calmed down and realized that this is the way Davina does things and it's perfect for her and JP we began to see the perfectness of it all.
Davina asked us girls(gina, jen, gretch and I) to be her bridesmaids. She was so easy to please...pick out some black dresses, find your own black shoes and go with it. I was pregnant at the time she is asking me to be in her wedding in one year. I quickly calculated the months and figured that I would have an 8 month old at the time of the wedding and could surely get my body back by then. What the heck was I thinking! I also told her it would be my last wedding. My last bridesmaid dress and I would go out with a bang. I counted up the number of weddings I had been in and this was like #14!!!
I really think Jen and I picked these dresses on our own. Gretch and Gina just kinda had to go with it. Jen and I drove part way through a blizzard in March to pick these out. Us girls have 4 totally different body types, but it really did work for all of us.
The day of the wedding comes, I lug my breast pump into Canada along with the little black dress and hope for the best. At one point Miss Marvel (whose like 80 and talks real loud) comes up to my chest and has a conversation with "my girls"...stating "my God Becky, I had no idea you were so busty!" Did I mention I had an 8 month old??!!
Anyways. Jen, Gina and I have all had 2 kids and have each struggled with our body image, baby weight, sagging boobs, etc...I got this idea to get us back into this little black dress by JP and Davina's Anniversary-June 24th-and take a picture. Gina lives out of the area, but this is her official shout out-"put the dress on girl and send me a pic! And don't tell me you lost it in the move because I'm not believing you!"
So, Happy Anniversary JP & Davina! Two of the best people we have ever had the pleasure standing up for. Two people who know the true meaning of love, friendship and happiness.


Davina & JP said...

Alright, I'm crying! Love you girls so much!

beanski said...

there is no effing way i could get mine zipped...NO WAY. funny!

FamilyGus said...

Love it, Becky! I'm so glad that I was able to be a part o such a special day for two very special friends. Very Great memories to carry. And Gina you so could! Love you girls!