Tuesday, June 1, 2010

blog neglect...

I have been neglecting my blog...first, because I am super busy, but that's a poor excuse. Secondly, my computer at home got a virus, more like 543 of them! I can pick it up tonight from the computer doctor.
My goal for the month of June is to blog and/or take a picture everyday for the month. I haven't been blogging as much simply because I haven't been taking many pictures. Maybe it's because my boys aren't changing as much as they used to, or to me they aren't. But this weekend, I got my camera out and started taking a few more pictures. And I was in the mood to start posting...I am missing writing about the little things that happen in everyday life that mean something to me....here is a first of many fun memories to come.
This is from our Memorial Day Weekend trip to New Ulm...this is my cousin Ryan's wife, Kate and baby ? due August 11th, running the bases at our first ever Family Reunion. Hilarious!

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