Monday, June 7, 2010

National Weight Watcher 5K walk

This weekend was the National Weight Watcher 5K Walk. There were only 10 of us from our group that walked but we still managed to have a great time. Lisa and Regan brought the kids along and we got to chat for the time being.
It's more of a shock when you put it in writing...but here are the 3 of us...80 pounds lighter than we were back in November! 80 pounds!!!
I started October 30th, with one goal-it was "don't eat the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving craziness, bake cookies and eat them for Christmas, Christmas craziness, New Year's Eve, and then try to not be depressed that you gained 5 or 10 pounds over the winter!" And you know what?! I didn't gain any weight. I actually remember losing .4 over Christmas week! I skied 99 kilometers with Tammy over the winter and upped my workouts at Curves. Some days I burn over 500 calories during my workout. I added planks and push ups-I am up to 45 (the girl way!). I am officially at my goal and then some. I like having the wiggle room to gain a few and lose a few. Officially down 31 pounds, back to where I was in 2003 when Bear and I went on our honeymoon!
These girls, along with my sister Debs, have kept me motivated to not give up. I love being able to challenge myself and challenge others along the way. 30 is looking to be pretty good!

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