Thursday, June 10, 2010

a parent of just one boy

See the older boy on the left? You know the one with the sweet eyes and baby face? Yep, that one. I could have killed him yesterday! And I'm not joking. Okay, maybe I am. But seriously!
Yesterday he and his little buddies were out in the fenced in back yard while us moms were in the garage getting ready for the big sale. We would check on them every 5 minutes or so and make sure they were okay. Well one time they weren't.
After talking about the dangers of the pond in the backyard just the day before, we come out to find 2 of the 5 stripped down to their underwear and soaking wet from being IN THE POND! This is no small pond. We're talking over 3 feet deep in the middle not to mention totally disgusting and full of mosquito eggs!I freaked out. There is the 2 year old contemplating if he should go in. The eight year old standing there in astonishment at my screaming. The two naked boys, I think, thought all the yelling and crazy mom arm waving was funny! I grounded Parker until he was 15. Or atleast for the week. No Birthday party for you on Saturday buddy. I almost could not believe how naughty Parker was. He demolished a bench I got for a wedding present and threw the wood in the pond. Laughed at me when I yelled at him. Then sassed me when I drug him in the house by his arm. I totally pulled the "you just wait until your father gets home" card on him. Now that scared him! As soon as Bear came home I filled him in and he dealt with the discipline and danger of the pond talk. I walked as slowly as I could to a graduation party and tried not to eat 5 pieces of pie...

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